Kelsey and Scott's Wedding

About two weeks ago, two of my best friends, Kelsey and Scott got married! I roomed with Kelsey for a little over two years (I'm sure you have seen plenty of photos of her on this here blog haha), and when she and Scott started dating a year ago, it made us pretty happy because Scott is an awesome guy and he and Kelsey are just totally perfect for each other. They are definitely one of the greatest couples I know!

They got married on May 4 (also my parents' anniversary!) in the Salt Lake City temple. It was a gorgeous and perfect day for a wedding. Kelsey didn't have bridesmaids but we all got dresses in her colors (coral and  mint green) so that we could look cute in pictures and match the wedding. We had such a fun fun day. But I'll let the pictures show you that!

After the temple, we went to City Creek for a little bit and did some shopping at H&M. Awesome story: we stopped in Anthropologie just because I adore that store and because I interned there last year. We were looking around, and who did we see but Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife! We were debating on whether to say hi to him or not, but he was sitting on a couch obviously trying to hide himself and looked like he didn't want to be bothered. It looked like his wife was asking his opinion on something and he obviously didn't know, and then a minute later, she came up to us and asked our opinion on which cardigan she should get for her granddaughter! We told her which one we thought she should get and she got it, so now I can proudly say I've given fashion advice to a general authority's wife. Sweet!
City Creek! It is so pretty and fun to shop there.
After shopping, we headed over to the luncheon, which was on the outside bowery of the church where the reception was going to be. They had it decorated way cute and we had baked potatoes and fruit for lunch, which turned out to be delicious.

After the luncheon, we had a little bit of a break until the reception, so we went and got streamers and window markers to decorate their car for them to drive off in. We got there as the reception was starting and  looked up cute ideas to decorate cars for weddings, and I think we did a pretty good job. We decided to go the cute route instead of the crazy one, because we knew they wouldn't have been too happy with us if there had been oreos all over the car haha.

The reception was a lot of fun. They had good food, like candy, chocolate covered strawberries, and really really good strawberry sherbet/ice cream. It was decorated so beautifully, with lanterns and drapes and lights everywhere. It hardly looked like the inside of a church! They cut the cake and also threw the bouquet, which our roommate Katie caught! We took lots of fun pictures and then blew bubbles at them as they drove away on their honeymoon.
All of our roommates with the husbands. I really love this picture, it makes me happy :)
 All in all, it was a lovely day and the new couple was so incredibly happy. I'm really happy for them, especially Kelsey, who is one of my best friends. I love her so much!

I also took a lot of videos of the wedding and am working on putting together a little video of the whole day, which I'll post later this week. :)

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