[A Carnival Themed Party]: Music Playlist

Oh my goodness, I have so much to blog about! I've had work a lot this week and suddenly I was going through blog posts and realized how much I need to catch up on...I never finished blogging about the carnival party (which was over a month ago...oops!), I had a gazillion friends get married about two weeks ago, I have to tell you about my California trip I took with my roommates, and you definitely will want to hear about the Taylor Swift concert I went to on Saturday (it is a story worth hearing, I promise you!). Lots to do, but don't worry, I'll get to it all.

I threw a carnival themed party on April 24, and we all know that when I throw a party, I put a ton of work into it. Everything is important--decorations, games, food, guests, and music. I feel like sometimes music is one of the most important parts because it really creates a mood for the party. I always like having a playlist that people can dance to, especially when the parties are outside, so that's what I tried to do with this one. I loved this music and everyone else really did too, so I'll probably use it for future parties I throw.

You can download most of this music from iTunes or find it on youtube or Spotify. I just ordered it alphabetically and put it on shuffle, but you can always put it in an order that you like, if you want certain songs to play at a certain time during the party. If you want more tips on playing music at your party, you can read this post of mine. Enjoy!

Oh and for any of you wondering, this playlist will last about 4 hours, which could be longer than your party, but I like to have my playlists a little bit longer so you can start them early and have them going a little later, just in case there are any party stragglers or it goes longer.

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