[California Trip] Day 1: Las Vegas

A few weeks ago in May, I took a trip to California with my roommates Katie, Heidi, and Meghan. It was the BEST. I love going on roadtrips with friends. I think a lot of my funnest memories of college are the roadtrips I've taken with friends. We left on Tuesday morning, drove the 6-7ish hours to Vegas and then hung out in Vegas and stayed in a hotel there that night. I've been to Las Vegas multiple times, and it's a fun but crazy city. Pros about it are that a lot of places are free and have free parking and shows and stuff like that because they want everyone to spend their money on gambling. Cons of it are that the main thing everyone does there is gambling, so sometimes there isn't a whole lot to do, and it gets to be a very un-wholesome environment to say the least.

We made a plan and chose the different buildings we wanted to go to and the shows we wanted to see. Unfortunately for us, there was a teeny bit of wind which meant that all the shows we wanted to see (which were outside of course) got canceled. Sad day. :( We made the most of it though and had a fun time. For dinner we went and ate at In 'n Out and then went to sleep in our hotel.
Look at those SHOES!! And this girl was riding a motorcycle in them! Dang.

If you would like the video version of day 1, it goes from the beginning of this video to about 4:30 :)

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