[California Trip] Day 2: Beach Day!

We woke up the morning after Las Vegas (don't worry, no drinking or hangovers in our hotel room haha) we packed up our stuff and got ready to head out on the road again towards Cali! The hotel gave us breakfast vouchers to use at the Denny's connected with the hotel, so we had a yummy breakfast there and then headed on our way.

It was about a five hour drive to San Clemente, California, which was where we were headed. The drive consisted of more Harry Potter reading (we read and finished the first Harry Potter book on this trip--we are trying to read them all this summer because Meghan has never read and finished them all! An abomination if you're living with me) and lots of music listening (like to the Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato albums). We were planning to camp on the beach that night and had reserved a camping spot and everything, so we went and got some camping food and supplies and then headed back to the beach. We played in the water for a while and then all just laid on our towels under the sun. I think I fell asleep, and it felt absolutely wonderful.

We stayed at the beach for a while and then decided to drive back to our camping spot at around 6, since (we thought) it would be on the beach still and then we could hang out more there. When we got to our camping area, we were in for a nice surprise (sarcasm intended here) and saw that it was an actual camping place on a bluff about a hundred feet up from the beach. There wasn't even a trail down to the beach or anything. We had gotten the recommendation from a friend who had said they'd loved camping on the beach, but obviously their definition of camping on the beach was different from ours haha. Since we thought we'd be on the beach, all we had brought were our sleeping bags--no tent or sleeping pads. Oh dear.

We made the best of it though, and it was actually one of the funnest nights of the trip. We used the campfire at an unused group campsite and roasted pigs in a blanket, starbursts, and s'mores, and did crazy things like dancing around the fire. Super great.

When we went to bed, we laid our towels and blankets out underneath our sleeping bags to get as much padding as possible. We put them so that we were all facing the middle and then read some Harry Potter before we went to bed. In the middle of reading, Heidi started laughing, and as none of us knew what about, we asked her. She made us finish reading the chapter and then told us that a baby skunk had run out of the bushes, stopped at my feet, sniffed around, and then ran back into the bushes. Ohhhhh goodness no. She hadn't told us when it was happening because she knew I would have freaked out. Anyways, we went to bed and tried to forget about the skunk, figuring it would be gone. I buried myself in my sleeping bag so that my head wasn't even sticking out.

The next morning, we woke up to find Katie's sleeping bag gone with her sleeping in the car, which was really weird considering the fact that she's definitely the most adventurous of us all. We tapped on the door and she proceeded to tell us that an hour after we had gone to sleep the night before, she woke up to a skunk sniffing her face! She was so freaked out, but Katie thankfully stays calm in these situations and just shut her eyes and pretended to sleep while it sniffed her! After a few minutes or so, it went away, walking in between Meghan and I. She tried to go back to sleep but was so freaked out that she ended up just going in the car.

And there you have it. Camping on the beach was not actually camping on the beach. If you ever go, it was definitely a nice place to camp and a really pretty beach, but I would highly recommend bringing a tent to protect you from animals (dangerous and smelly haha). At least we got a funny night and great story from it though, right?

If you would like to see the video version of day 2, it starts at about 4:30 and goes to 9:00 :)

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  1. A skunk!?? Oh my gosh no way! Good for her for not freaking out, especially with it waking her up and everything. Wow I think I would have gotten everyone sprayed.


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