Coming Soon...RAW!

I feel like I've been really lucky in finding opportunities to show my clothing and get my designs out there. I'm super excited to say that I'm showing at a show with RAW Artists next week called Kaleidoscope. The great thing about this show is that it's filled with tons of art...photography, fashion, music, actual art, makeup, hair, etc. It will be like a concert/fashion show/art gallery all in one. It's going to be SO fun! All the people showing here are really talented and I feel pretty intimidated and honored to be showing at a show with all of them. One of my favorite photographers Elisha Braithwaite will also be showing there, which made me excited.

I would LOVE it if you could come. Seriously, I'm not really sure how many people I know will actually be there, and it would feel great to have some support. Tickets are only $15 and you can buy them here. The event is next Thursday at 7 pm and will be at the Complex (it's a really sweet venue where bands like Imagine Dragons have performed!). You can also go here to see all the artists that will be involved in the show. It's going to be an awesome event, I can promise that! I really hope I'll see you there :)

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