4th of July 2012

Spending the 4th of July this year in Boston was one of the best Independence Days I ever could have had! The East Coast is especially patriotic with all the history that happened here during the Revolutionary War. I brought over the tradition of spray-painting shirts, so we taped them up the night before and then we spray painted the next morning (we realized we had no red paint). The morning of the 4th was spent at a parade in the town of Sudbury. It was perfect because it was a little later (we slept in) and it was short so we didn't have to spend a long time in the heat.

After we went to that we headed off into Boston where we parked and rode the train to the Esplanade. It's right by the Charles River with the most gorgeous view of the Boston skyline. Some friends from our ward saved spots all day so we got to sit with them. We played cards and ate food while waiting and just hung out. I love the atmosphere on the 4th of July because it's so happy and exciting! Everyone is spirited wearing their red, white, and blue so it's just a lot of fun.

The fireworks actually got delayed for about a half-hour to forty-five minutes because they thought a thunderstorm was coming. There was a huge mess of people coming and telling us to move so we'd stay dry, but we didn't want to leave, because we knew our spot would be gone if we left. We ended up staying because no storm came and then it actually poured during the fireworks. It was kind of surreal, watching the fireworks in the rain. I mean, how often does that happen?

Let me just tell you something about the Boston fireworks. You know how there is usually a grand finale in fireworks shows? Well this show is like a grand finale the whole way through, it's amazing! The fireworks are so sweet and there are sooo many. Best fireworks show, I have ever seen for sure! I was pretty happy with my picture taking skills to have gotten this shot.

We were all soaked to the bone from the rain (that only lasted about 15 minutes) but packed up our stuff after the fireworks to go. It took a little while to get through the crowds and we were able to catch one of the last trains to get to our car.

In short, it was a wonderful 4th of July. Just what it should have been. I am so grateful for this country and for the freedom we have. I'm grateful that we can vote for our leaders and I admire the way we unite as a nation when good and bad things happen, such as simple things like celebrating Independence Day every year, or really awful stuff like 9/11. For me, there is no better place to live. I'm happy that this summer I've been able to get to know another part of this nation. I can only love it more. :) Happy Independence Day!

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