"For the First Time Ever I'm Completely Free..."

As I listen to music from one of my favorite movies, Tangled, I'm reminded of a certain scene in the movie that everyone laughs at, myself included.

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Tangled is really a simple story--one about a girl with magic, long hair trapped by an evil witch. She goes into a world she's been taught to fear all her life yet from it she finds excitement, new friends, action, and love. This movie has become beloved by all audiences young and old, men and women. And why? Because Rapunzel leads the life we all want to live.

We learn from Rapunzel that decisions aren't always easy, and we might run them back and forth in our head, because we don't know which choice is the better one. Or we're afraid to pick another choice because it might require more of a risk. Rapunzel shows us that sometimes there are people in the world who will lie to us and be mean to us for their own good. They'll pretend to love us so that we're scared to leave them. And in the end we find out they never really loved us at all. Rapunzel teaches us that when we do things we're scared of, when we decide to take a risk, a lot of times we get hurt. We get so hurt that we want to go running back to our old, easier and simpler life, even if it wasn't the one we really wanted. And we learn from her that we can go back to that life, and try to forget everything.

But we also learn from Rapunzel that taking risks opens up new doors for us. We can meet new people and see beautiful places. We can have adventures and we can sing, dance, and have fun. We learn from Rapunzel that sometimes, taking the risk is the better choice, because even if it might hurt us, it's better to love than to not have loved at all. It's better to follow our dreams because we grow up and we learn more than we ever could have learned staying in a tower. And most importantly, we learn from Rapunzel that there are people out there who will take us in and accept us for who we are, and love us more than we have ever been loved before. Their love makes everything worth it.

There are little fears and there are big ones. Right now I'm sitting in my room crouched on the bed because a bug is crawling somewhere on the floor and it's freaking me out. I'll go to amusement parks with friends and no matter what they do to try and convince me, I will not get on the big roller coasters there because of my enormous fear of heights. These fears are small (however large that roller coaster or bug might be)..it won't change my life if I face the bug or ride the roller coaster. But then there are bigger fears, like my inability to open up to people about anything, even my close friends because I'm afraid I'll get hurt. Opening up to someone can change my life--it can bring me closer to someone and it can help me trust people more and have better relationships.

I learned from Rapunzel that it's not going to be 100% perfect all the time. But I also learn from Rapunzel that it won't be 100% awful all the time, which means that maybe, it might be worth taking the risk :)

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  1. When I don't write in my blog I forget to read your blog. But now I'm caught up! It's so fun to read your blog. You have so many good insights. Just remember to follow your own advice. I love you and miss you!


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