Unbroken (Demi Lovato Concert)

I am girl who gets really obsessed with things and people. When I love something, then I really love it :) So when I found out Demi Lovato was doing a summer tour and one of those dates would be in Boston, I got so excited, because I love Demi! I have always loved her music, but I think she is an amazing person for everything she's gone through and how open she is about so she can help others. Most celebrities aren't like that, and you can tell she's not all about the fame and everything. I bought two tickets (they were a little pricey, especially for a college student like myself, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't get them) and took my cousin Brianna with me. She loves Demi Lovato too and it was her first concert, so it was perfect!

It was at the Bank of America pavilion which is a huge outdoor covered venue. Its really cool. We got there a little early so we walked around the area, bought an Italian ice, and just talked about girly stuff. There were plenty of "lovatics" walking around, several of them with matching decorated shirts with their friends.

We got inside the venue and bought some shirts--it has the same pattern, but I got a blue one and Brianna got a purple one (I know, I didn't get purple! But blue was more of a big t-shirt, which is what I wanted, and it was cheaper haha).

Our seats were probably closer to the back than the front but really, when you're at a concert, you kind of forget all of that once you're in the atmosphere and just having fun. The opening act was Hot Chelle Rae, who did great! Some of their popular songs from the radio are "Tonight Tonight" and "I Like It Like That."
 I got a few videos of them, here they are singing "Tonight, Tonight."

Once they were done, everyone was SO anxious to see Demi! It was crazy to see how many big fans there were in the audience. It was fun because they were playing music in between acts, like "Firework" and everyone in the whole venue would be singing. You could tell we were ready for her to come out.

The crowd went insane when she was out there, and we stood the entire concert because everyone else was too. It was an audience full of energetic girls so it was incredibly wild. And Demi was amazing! That girl has SUCH a good voice. I'm posting some videos below and you should listen because her voice is mind blowing.

I loved every minute of that concert. There's something about Demi Lovato, because that every girl knows so much about her, we all feel like she's our friend. Which is an awesome thing to feel from a celebrity. She sang all of her popular songs, and songs from all her albums, though most were from her new album, Unbroken.

My favorite song she sang by far, was Skyscraper. Can I get real with you and just say that this song means so much to me. Whenever stuff is hard, I can turn on this song and it gives me strength to keep fighting and keep working through. And it means even more knowing that Demi really relates to this song as well, with her history of struggling with bullying and eating disorders. It's such an inspiring song. She talked a little bit before she started singing it, and if you have a minute, you should really watch the video to hear her say it and hear her sing it, because she gives it such soul, but this is what she said (almost word for word):

"There are so many issues..things like bullying, things like self-harm, eating disorders, addiction. There's so many things out there that no one's really talking about. And right now, I know for a fact that some of my fans out there are going through them. It's such a scary thing to tell someone that you need help, but trust me, it changes your life. So I want to really encourage you, if you're struggling with something, or if you're just being bullied, tell someone, so you can stop it from happening to someone else. I also just want to say to those of you that struggle to just stay strong, and I want you guys to know that the only reason why I did stay strong when I went to treatment was because of you guys. I want to play you this song."

I got chills when I heard her singing that and it made me want to cry. And some girls were crying. Brianna pointed out to me a girl who I'd seen in the row in front of us, who earlier I'd just had a small thought of how I was jealous that she was skinny, that was crying and hugging her friend. I felt guilty for what I'd thought earlier, and I wanted to just go up to her and give her a hug too.

I guess it really made me realize that you can't judge people. Ever. That girl was probably going through something Demi mentioned above, maybe an eating disorder, and most people probably don't know. Just like Demi, who no one ever knew she was struggling so bad until she went to treatment and started talking about it. I think it's really important to remember that whoever we meet could very easily be struggling with something super hard.

The second thing I realized from hearing that song is that it's important to be open. This is kinda personal, but I remember so many nights when I was really struggling in life, just praying to God to give me someone to talk to, someone to listen to me, and I realize now that I should have just been praying to be able to open up to someone, because all around me I had so many people who cared and loved me, but I wouldn't let any of them in. So if you're struggling, it's okay. You're not the only one, and like Demi said, be brave enough to tell someone. Look at how many people she's told about what's she gone through--it has only made her more loved for who she really is. People really don't talk about that stuff enough, and they should. And if you ever need someone to talk to, just email me, seriously. :) (kikicbrownee-at-gmail-dot-com)

Anyways, I just wanted to share that little bit. The rest of the concert was just as good, the last song being "Give Your Heart a Break."

I'm so so glad I had the opportunity to go to the concert, because it was definitely one of the best nights of my life. And I'm also so so glad I got to go with Brianna. She and I have gotten so close this summer and I really just love this girl so much! I wouldn't have wanted to go with anyone else so I'm happy she came with me. Haha she had fun too...according to her it was the best day of the summer :)

I am behind on some stuff but I figured I should just blog about this week to not get super behind. I will try and update as much as I can! Until next time...
 xoxo Kailee :)

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