Visit from my Mama Llama and Others, pt. 1

About two weeks ago I had the best time when my mom, my aunt Zildy, and Zildy's kids all came to visit for a week. They had actually only planned to be here for 4 days max, but it was extended to a week when the flights were pretty much packed for the whole week (my aunt works for Jet Blue so she and her kids can fly standby for free and others can use buddy passes to fly standby for cheap...so they were all flying standby). It kind of frustrated them but we were happy they got to stay longer! The whole week was jam-packed with tourist stuff to try and pack in as much fun as possible.

Sunday we went to a graduation party on the Cape. The house was gorgeous and they had the most beautiful view. There was a lake practically in the backyard and you could walk down the stairs and be right there. After the party we went to the coast to see more of Cape Cod. It was really windy and a little cold in some parts, but beautiful nonetheless.

Tuesday we went into the city to walk around, see the Boston library, and go to the Boston Gardens. I love libraries and the Boston Gardens has a certain feel similar to Central Park (which I've actually never been too). There are the swan boats in the Gardens that are really cute and cheap so we took a nice ride on one. We went through Faneuil Hall and also stopped to get some pizza for lunch.

The rest of the week will be blogged about shortly! I'm trying to catch up on stuff, especially considering this all happened in June.

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