Shorts--The Perfect Summer Item

This is my favorite outfit combo to wear for the summer. Shorts+shirt (+ belt is extra credit because it's even cuter)=Summer time! Shorts just go with summer, you know? I love wearing dresses and skirts in the summer time because they are girly, loose, and flowy, but to a certain point you are restricted. You can sit on the ground cross-legged or run around and do cartwheels (not that I can even do a cartwheel). And plus with skirts, I usually wear shorts or something under them, "just in case," which adds another layer. Sometimes it all feels a bit constricting and can get stuffy.

Enter in shorts! The perfect summer item. You can run around in them, sit down whichever way you want in them, dance around in them, and still be equally happy in them. And who doesn't love saying the word "shorts?" There is nothing but happiness accompanied when saying that word. They're just great. The shorts above are some of my favorites because they are incredibly comfortable and very cute and stripey.

Therefore, say what you will, but when you see me in the summer 90% of the time, you know what I'll be wearing--SHORTS! :)

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  1. i love the shorts! and the shirt! just the whole thing! you are adorable.


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