To My Daddio

I haven't had much time to post because my mom, aunt, and cousins were all visiting last week. It was crazy, busy, and so much fun! And obviously spending time with them comes over blogging. And I don't have much time right now because tomorrow we're leaving for Virginia for a week and a half! I have to hurry and pack because we're leaving right after I get off my internship tomorrow.

I just wanted to write a belated post in honor of Father's Day for my wonderful dad. I love him so much and I'm so grateful to have a father as wonderful as he is. When I was little, I'd write him cards on Father's Day that would say things like, "I love my dad because he makes good popcorn and kills spiders for me." And while he does still do those things, I understand that he does so much more. My dad provides for us, he's gentle, and he's loving. He knows how to build and fix just about anything and he's the most supportive dad around. Most of all, he loves my mother more than anything, and I see that every day. I'm so grateful to have a dad who I can mirror for a future husband for myself.

This year was the first Father's Day I was away from my dad, but that doesn't mean I love him any less! I love you Daddio, and happy Father's Day!! :)

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