Red Sox Game at Fenway Park

So last Tuesday, we got beyond lucky because one of our friends got box seat tickets to a Red Sox game and had extras to bring us along. Man, it was SO fun! The people here are huge sports fans so everyone was decked out in their red sox gear (including me, I borrowed a shirt and hat from Derick and Cat). I had the absolute best time in the world! Since we had box seats there was a lot of food provided--hot dogs, chicken fingers, popcorn, and soda--all the essential baseball foods.

The other family there (friends from the ward) have a twelve year old daughter and a nine year old son, so Brianna and the daughter, Jasmin, are great friends. I pretty much hung out with them the whole game, which was actually a lot of fun, considering how much younger they are than me. These girls are like the best friends ever and when they're together, they are insanely crazy! They are quite fun to be around though, so it's good :) I felt like a little teenager all over again!

Some of the adults (l to r)...Cat, Derick, and Jackie. Jackie's husband Bobby was the one who got us the tickets.

This was our whole group! We seriously had such a blast!

We were getting ready to leave at about the 7th inning, just because it was late and Ellie was being watched by someone in the ward. Baseball games are long! But just as we were about to leave, it starting pouring like crazy! I felt bad for the people with their front row seats because they all got drenched and had to rush out of there. Lucky for us, we had the inside so we stayed nice and dry. We decided to wait until the rain calmed down to leave.

Because the rain was pouring so hard, they actually had to postpone the game! All of these guys in red shirts came out and pulled a ginormous white tarp that they covered the whole playing area with. The rain lasted for about 10-15 minutes longer and then died down and soon after that stopped. Rain here has been pretty common but very spontaneous.

When the rain stopped the red shirt men pulled back the tarp and kept folding it and running around to get the water out of it so they could put it away. They became the people that we watched and everyone was cheering for them when they got the tarp out and also when it was put away. Then they had to cover up all the mud so that the players wouldn't slip so they brought out a ton of sandbags to cover it up and sweep it around. Crazy! This was all very fun to watch as we didn't even know they really did this stuff.

After that, we really had to go because it was even later haha. Man, but what an incredible night! My first experience at a Red Sox game in Fenway Park was definitely an awesome one. The Red Sox got one new fan that night. :)

Oh and they won the game of course! Yeah!!

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