a Turkey in a Windshield

Don't you ever wonder what life would have been like if you had changed one choice of yours? If you'd gone to a different school, if you'd chosen to audition for that musical, if you'd have given up that time when you were struggling so hard, instead of getting up again and fighting one more time? Would life have been better, or worse? Some choices point straight to obvious ends; other choices are foggy and some have twists and turns so that you can't what end would come from that one choice. Or, would it all stay the same, one choice not causing even a slight difference in the universe?

If anything, I do believe that we have a choice. I do believe that God hasn't just planned out our whole lives, predetermining every single step we're going to take and not even giving us a chance to see what we are really made of when we look inside ourselves. We have a choice, and I think that each choice that we make influences our life, and it influences others lives around us.

There's a story of a boy thinking he was just having fun throwing a frozen turkey onto a highway, but it ended up hitting an old woman's windshield and hurting her really badly. His choice affected her in a huge way and it also affected his own life. But thinking in a broader spectrum, what about the butcher shop where he had gotten the turkey? What if that person who started that business had never done so? Maybe nothing would have happened. What if that butcher's mother or father had been a vegetarian. He would have been raised so and never even considered opening a butcher's shop, stopping the whole thing. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, but our choices, even the tiny ones, go full circle and affect everyone around us more than we know. A choice that old lady made could have had a domino effect and caused her own injury. Think about it.

One thing I've really come to realize this week is how not alone we all really are. Really, I am never alone because I know that I always always have God on my side. But what if I didn't believe in God or didn't know He was there? Well then, I was born into a family and when I'm around them, I don't feel alone. But what if my whole family were gone? Would I be completely alone then? No, because I have my whole extended family. And what if I didn't have them either? I have my church and all of it's members all over the world. If I weren't a member? There are people who attended my schools, friends of friends, people of the same cultural descent, or people who have struggled with the same things I have. What if I still felt alone after going through all that? Well...we're all humans aren't we? We all feel happiness and hurt. We all listen to music and watch movies. We all have to eat and breathe to live. And really, do we need more than that?

You can read the turkey story here. I'm going to spoil the ending though...the old lady ended up forgiving that boy for hurting her, even though she could have easily been bitter and pressed charges. She understood that the choice she made would affect others, especially that boy's, and she also saw that boy as a normal human being, wanting him to know that she was on his side and that God was on their side too.

I'm not sure how this all completely relates, but I just want to stress that every single choice we make leads to a road end...good or bad? That's your decision, based on your attitude in life and how you live your life. And even more, I want to stress that no matter who you are, you are never ever alone. Ever. You might think it sometimes--you might even be thinking it right now--but if you're human (which if you're reading this then you obviously are) then you aren't alone. I am on your side. The person next door is on your side. Your town is on your side. The world is on your side. And most importantly, God is on your side, forever and always. Don't ever forget that.

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