Faneuil Hall

A little over a week ago, I took my first trip into the city with my aunt Cat, and my cousins Brianna and Ellie. It was fabulous! I cannot stress how I love it here so much, and going into any city is like home for me so this was the best.

One of the great things about Boston is that everything here is so old. It's so cool! We went to a little marketplace/square called Faneuil Hall. I actually came here a few years ago when I came to Boston so it was fun to come again. It was jam-packed with people since it was on a Saturday. There were little vendors everywhere selling jewelry, toys, Boston souvenirs, etc. Pretty much everything. There was a huge candy store with every candy you can think of so we stopped in there and bought some stuff, and also stopped at a lot of the booths to view the merchandise.

Inside this little building (whatever it was, it was old) was a hallway of some of the most delicious foods and desserts. It's incredibly cultural, busy, and the food is fairly expensive but pretty worth it. I bought some Boston Clam Chowder, because it's my favorite soup. So good! I also bought some delicious raspberry and chocolate chip gelato.

We did some more wandering around outside and found this crazy big macaroni. It was funny so of course we took a picture! Ellie is the one in the middle and Briann is on the right.

After that, right before we went home we stopped by the Hay Market. Every Friday and Saturday they have all these different people selling fruit for exorbitantly cheap prices (okay, well cheaper than a grocery store). We bought some strawberries and other different kinds of fruit. Yum! They were all foreign people with accents too, so it was fun to talk to them.

After we were tired and hot from walking around, we stopped to buy a $1 pizza so we could get a parking validation and then had to go home to get to a birthday party. It was perfect and so fun!

Already, I love Boston so much. More adventures to come soon!!!

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