Last Sunday we drove up to the coast to Marblehead. It was gorgeous! We made 4 different stops, the first was at a little place where it was really windy so we didn't stop long there. Then Ellie wanted to go to a park so we stopped at a playground where she could play. That was pretty fun and she totally loved it. After the park we were driving and so a dock that looked beautiful so we went and walked out on that. There were a lot of boats docked there and it was total east coast. The last place we stayed at the longest without planning to. We went out just walking at the rocks and looking at the beauty of it all, and then we discovered crabs hiding under a lot of the rocks! That kept us occupied for a while. After everything we had to go home because we were hungry for dinner :) This has probably been my favorite expedition so far, Marblehead is so gorgeous, wow! But don't take my word for it...see the pictures for proof!
look closely--there's a crab!

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