On Memorial Day, we took a nice little excursion to a town called Winthrop. It was so cute! I mean, let's face it, everything here is pretty cute, but I did love this beach and town. We stopped at a Mexican (or something hispanic) restaurant and ate pupusas, which if you've never had them, they are so good! Man, I love them and they were incredibly cheap! I wish I could remember the name of the place, because then I'd recommend it. If you really are interested, email me and I'll find out for ya. ;)

After eating we went to the beach part where there was a nice trail to walk on and you could look out and see the skyline across the water. Absolutely gorgeous.

We walked along the whole trail and then went home after that because Cat had work that night and I was going to a barbecue for the young adult group (which was really fun btw!). I can't get over how beautiful it is everywhere here. Everywhere I turn I see more and more that I love. Ah. I just really adore it.

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  1. Aww looks like a cute and fun day. Very beautiful.

    Pupusas are my favorite food! They're the main food of El Salvador. I've eaten them my whole life. Sadly in San Francisco everyone's found out how delicious they are and are now rising in price. So I've learned to make them myself... kind of.

    Keep on enjoying the summer!


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