Peach Fuzz

In case any of you are very confused and think you're reading a completely different blog, never fear! I was just really tired of having two blogs and also I was super tired of having this one be only a fashion blog, so it underwent quite a few changes...such as a new name, new design, and soon a new URL. I just figured I'd leave the same URL for a week, in case people don't use google to follow and come back to find my blog has just disappeared. So in a week, the new address will be www.peach-lemonade.blogspot.com and this one will say there is no blog at this address. There are also a ton more posts because I imported all my posts from my other blog so that they are all in one place! That one will be shortly deleted as well.

Also, I chose this name because well...I really love peaches and also lemonade and I thought it would be a cute name and color scheme for the blog. There wasn't a whole lot of creative input going into the name but I really love it :)

And that's pretty much it! I'll still be posting outfits and such, but also other stuff as well. Have a great and happy day!

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