2012 Vacation: Last Day

We woke up the next morning to see this: Port Canaveral. We were back and our magical and happy vacation was coming to a close. That morning was spent busily packing all our luggage and getting ready to leave. I took some pictures of our staterooms before we left. We had two staterooms for our family that were connected, complete with a balcony outside, which was so nice.

We had breakfast at the Royal Palace and since there were such long lines to leave, we took that chance to walk around the ship a little more to see everything one last time and take a few last pictures.

And then, we left..... :( I sure hope to see you real soon, Mickey!! We had so much fun!

After we got off the cruise we could finally turn our phones on again (they don't work out at sea or you'd get charged if you did use it when not in the US) and received a text from our uncle Jefre, who lives in Miami along with his wife and some of our cousins, letting us know they weren't going to be able to visit us as planned. They were going to come meet up with us and spend the day with us but they had too much homework. So we got off the ship, kind of depressed, because there isn't much that beats a Disney cruise. We tried going to the NASA visitors center because we thought it was free but turns out it's pretty expensive so that didn't last long.

We ended up going to Cocoa beach but before went to the grocery store and took forever getting food (Carina wanted something to eat because she hadn't eaten on the ship as she was still feeling seasick) to eat. Finally we got to the beach and mostly just laid there and tanned (something we actually hadn't done much of on the ship surprisingly) while Gracie played in the water a little and found so many shells--she was in heaven I tell you.

After the beach we went to the Orlando temple and just walked around. It was peaceful, which felt good and made up for a little of our sadness of leaving the cruise and not being able to see our cousins.

For dinner we ate at a restaurant called "Steak and Shake" which was so delicious! Maybe we were just craving some burgers after all the fancy food we'd eaten on the cruise, but man was it good. We all got yummy shakes too so that filled us up and made us pretty happy.

Then we went back to our hotel to watch Once Upon a Time (its a tv show and we love it!) and then go to bed. Our flight the next morning left at 7 am, which was 5 am our time! And since it left at that time, we had to get up earlier than that to drop off our car and get to the airport.

When we got to the SLC airport, we were a tired but happy to be home bunch!

I just have to say that I love my family so much, and I'm so grateful that we got to go on this amazing vacation together. I love my parents for taking us and trying so hard to plan fun things for the whole family. I'm so happy to have been place with the family that I did, because they are the best and I really do love them. And boy am I lucky, because we get to spend all eternity together! :)

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