I'm Here!

Well, I am here in Boston (actually in a city just a little outside of it) and couldn't be happier. I've been here for two weeks and already I love it! It's gone by slow..and fast. Slow because right now I don't have much to do so the days are long and mostly uneventful.

I got here early on Wednesday, May 16 and came here to my aunt, uncle, and cousins' house where I'll be living for the summer.

I share a room with my cousin, Brianna and I came in to see this...so cute! I loved it :)

The days also seem to go by fast too, though, because it doesn't feel like I've been here for two weeks and it's crazy to think that the whole summer is already flying by. We've done so much stuff. Haha this will sound nerdy, but they actually have really fun furniture stores here so one night after going out to eat, we went to Jordan's Furniture, and then to Bob's Furniture. My family and I came to Boston for a vacation about ten years ago and I remembered going to Jordan's before, so that was pretty fun. Each of their stores have a different theme and the one here is Mardi Gras themed so that it looks like a Southern city when you walk in. An employee also hands you beads when you get there. So cool!

Bob's has a fish pond at the front of the store, and then they also have this freebies section. It's awesome because it has all these free treats like delicious ice cream, lemonade, and a ton of candy! You can have as much as you want but you're not supposed to take any home with you. Brianna (first picture, she's 13) and Ellie (second pic, she's 6) had fun playing on the animals in the store.

So let me just tell you...Bob is a real person, and I get the vibe that he is a little weird (as cool as it is that we get free sweets from his store). Just look at that huge mural on the wall, filled with Bobs!!! We couldn't stop laughing at it, because if you look at the right side, the one in the black shirt looks like he's going to hit the guy below him in the head (yellow shirt laying down). And then the red one above looks like he's going to clap the guy in the black shirt's head. And even so, a collage filled with the same balding man in brightly colored polos tucked into his carpenter jeans is a little weird, no? Brianna and Ellie were imitating some of the Bobs on the wall.

One of the days during my first week here, I went with Ellie and my uncle Derick to a lake that is literally like 2 blocks from their house! How nice is that? I didn't swim, just read and tanned a little. We were only there for like half an hour, but it was a half-hour well spent.

Last week, Derick was in North Carolina for work, so I had his car for the time he was gone. Unfortunately, the first day I had it, I was driving Ellie home from gymnastics when I was kind of getting lost and the car started smoking and way overheated. I managed to get in a parking lot and called my aunt, Cat, telling her I was completely lost, but it turns out I was literally across the street (it's a kind of highway but it has a thing in the middle so you can't cross it unless you have a light) from the road they live on. Haha of course!

The car's fine now, but since we didn't have it anymore, one day I walked the two blocks to Ellie's school to pick her up. One thing I absolutely LOVE about the east coast is how beautiful and green it is here! I can't get enough of it! There are trees everywhere and their house is right across from a little foresty place, something that in Utah you would only see camping.

Sorry for that photo overload, but I seriously love that fact of living here. People always say that the mountains in Utah are beautiful, which they are, but to me I don't think anything beats the gorgeousness of the nature here.

I started my internship this week! I think it's going to be really fun. I can't say a ton of what we're doing, just for confidentiality reasons and such, but I'll update as much as I can. It's still crazy surreal to me that I'm an intern at Anthropologie, but I'm so excited. I'm going to get to work on the window displays and other stuff like that so it'll be great. I met one of the other interns too and she and my supervisor are super nice! This is the store where I'm interning at.

In other news, I feel like I've already made a ton of friends with my ward and through people that my aunt and uncle know. We've gone sight-seeing to a few places (Red Sox game, anyone?? :)) and I'll blog about those soon! Oh and also, since my internship is unpaid and only a few days a week, I'm kind of bored so I got a job at Forever 21! Super excited for that, it starts next week. :D Anyways, that's everything for now, just basically know that although I really am missing all my friends and family a TON, I love it here a lot, and I plan to make it one of the best summers ever.

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  1. Oh man, you are going to have such an awesome summer! Have fun!


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