2012 Vacation: Day 2 of Disney Cruise and the Bahamas

On our second day of the cruise ship, I woke up in the morning to this :) The Bahamas!!

When we got off the boat and at the edge of the city (we were in Nassau) there were Bahamians (is that what they're called?) all over trying to get us to get in their vans and cabs so they could show us around the city. We wanted to see most of the city, so we went with a really nice man who was actually a preacher. He had a cool accent and he took us around the city, telling us about stuff and Nassau's history as we drove by.

We got out at a little marketplace where people were selling stuff that you could barter for so that was pretty fun and cute.

Next stop was Atlantis, a city with a super fancy hotel (like the kind of hotels you see in cool spy movies like James Bond). Apparently the top suite costs $15,000 a night and you have to rent it for at least 4 nights. Um, yes...crazy. We walked around the hotel and basked in it's richness and then got lost trying to get back to our cab driver..oops. The hotel was just huge! Atlantis definitely is a whole separate part of the island. Nassau is much poorer, I mean, the people seem to do fine, but Atlantis has the richest of the rich. Crazy.
Cool pavilion :)

After we were done with the tour, we walked around the city and went to some of the shops to get souveneirs. My dad, Cee Ryle, and Gracie all got tired so they went back to the boat while my mom and my other sisters and I continued to shop for a little while longer.

When we got back to the boat, Gracie went to wait in line for Tinkerbell, her all-time favorite Disney character. She was SO excited. The adorable thing about Gracie on the boat was that any time she met a Disney character, she'd give them a huge squeezy hug for a looong time until someone would finally be like, "Okay...time to let go.." So now when she hugs me I tell her to give me a "Disney character hug" and then she squeezes me. So cute :)

We had dinner in the enchanted garden and all of us were dressed in pirate gear for the ship's pirate night. They gave us all bandanas and we tried to dress as pirate-y as possible. It was really fun!
I was trying to do a pirate hook haha
28 was our table number each night
All the food was incredibly fancy. Often, I'd read the menu and have no idea what certain things were because the words were so foreign to me. Luckily they'd mark which thing was the favorite and if I didn't know what to get, I'd get that. We had like four courses--appetizer, soup or salad, main course, and dessert, so we were always so full by the end of dinner. And sometimes we'd get more than one appetizer or more dessert, because it was all paid for already with all the cruise fees, so we were always stuffed. It was all so good!

When we got to our stateroom after dinner, a monkey was waiting for us!

They had a small pirate night celebration in between dinner and the show that we went to which was pretty fun. That one was more aimed at the little kids, because later they were having a bigger celebration with fireworks and stuff. Somewhere there we lost Cee Ryle for the rest of the night, and when he came back after midnight we found out he'd been at the Edge, a place for kids 11-14. After the pirate show we went to see the show, "Villains Tonight!" which was really funny. Here's a preview of the show. Then we dropped off Gracie and went to go see the fireworks. Fun fact about Disney cruise line: they are the only cruise line allowed to do fireworks on water, cool huh?

After that was done, they had the funnest dance party I've ever been to in my life! It was just so fun and surreal to be having a dance party on a Disney cruise out in the middle of the ocean. When that was over, they played Pirates of the Carribbean so I watched a little bit of that and then went back to the room because I was tired. Fun day!!

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