Vacation 2012: Disney Cruise Day 3 and Castaway Cay

Ok, I am really trying to catch up and be done with these cruise posts! There's just so much to write about that I don't want to forget and it seems overwhelming. But I'll try to finish by today or tomorrow. Day 3 of the cruise we got to go to Disney's beautiful private island, Castaway Cay. Unfortunately for us...it rained all day! One of the employees was saying that in the past 4 months that he's been on the ship, it's only rained for two other times and only for like an hour each at that! But for us it rained all day, which was pretty sad. It wasn't a downpour of rain but it was constantly drizzling down so we were cold. We kept getting new, dry towels to keep us warm. But besides the rain, it was still a beautiful day, and the cruise employees really tried to make it still as happy as possible, which they definitely succeeded.

We'd gotten an excursion package so that we could do snorkeling, a bike ride, and have tube rentals. Unfortunately for us, we obviously didn't use the tube rental because it was too rainy to really want to go out and play in the water. And Carina was sick (seasick) that morning so she didn't come out till later in the afternoon. Gracie didn't want to snorkel so her gear didn't end up getting used either. And since the package was already paid for we couldn't get our money back for those. Snorkeling was fun, though my breathing tube kept letting in salt water which made me get behind as I had to stop to let the water out, and I ended up losing my flippers in the water (the lifeguard said just to leave them there, because I guess people just go out in the water later and get anything that was left behind). But it was so coo to see in the water because there were all kinds of fish everywhere and they had put cool looking ship things under the water as well, for the people snorkeling.

After snorkeling, we went to the barbeque area to eat delicious food and get our energy up. After we ate the rain died down a little so we decided to do our bike ride. I actually hadn't ridden a bike for about 10 years so I was a little worried, but it was SO fun! We went on a beautiful bike path around the island. It was so peaceful and gorgeous to be riding a bike around on a private island! It was incredible and gorgeous. I loved my purple wrap that I got in the Bahamas, but man was it a bad day to wear it! It got all wet from the rain and it was a struggle to ride the bike in it. Still love it though.
Cold and huddled up under the umbrella so we wouldn't get rained on!

Our day on Castaway Cay wasn't ideal, just because of the rain, but props to Disney, because we still had a super fun day and they really tried hard to still make the day fun. Of course, now this makes me want to go on a Disney cruise again so that I can go to the island when its sunny! ;) When we got back on the ship, since we were already wet, we hurried and rode on the aquaduck, which was a clear waterslide that went around the ship. It was pretty fun, and Gracie especially loved it! Then we went to hurry and shower and change for dinner.

That night we dressed up for dinner and we went to the Royal Palace, the fanciest dining place. It was kind of sad because it was our last night, but we still obviously ate great food and had a blast.

We saw another show that night, called Disney's Believe (it was great and made me cry because I was so sad to leave), and we also went and took a lot of character pictures and had a few family pictures taken by the professional photographers there. While we were waiting in line, there was live music so my dad danced with Gracie. Also, some of us changed because we didn't want to wear dresses anymore. It wasn't an official formal night or anything so it was fine.
I love this picture so much!
I feel like I'm going to cry all over again writing about this! It was time to say goodbye that night so they had a small show with the characters dancing and saying goodbye. We were so happy and so sad to leave the next day!

I love this picture of Gracie and I. We took it right before I dropped her off at the Oceaneer's Club for one last time.

After that, the rest of us went to the stores to buy some souvenirs (I got a Disney cruise line t-shirt) which took a little while, and then we went back to our stateroom to watch tv and go to bed.

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