2012 Vacation: Day 1 of Disney Cruise

Thursday morning of our vacation, we were SO excited to get up and get going to be on the cruise!

First view of the cruise ship...it was so big!!

This picture pretty much sums up how Gracie was feeling. We took a few pictures in the little boarding place while waiting. They were playing Dumbo on some tvs that we kind of watched but were really too excited to pay attention.
All ready to board! Yay!
This was our first view of coming on the ship. It was beautiful! As we walked in, there were cruise line employees in button-up shirts and slacks on either side of and as each family walked up, they'd announce our names to the whole cruise ship, so it was pretty fun.

For lunch, our first meal on the ship, we went to the Cabanas, which was a huge buffet filled with every food you can possibly imagine. Sooo delish!

After lunch we explored the cruise ship a little bit..

They had a little departing party on the ship with fun and dancing, and a countdown for the ship to leave.

Each night for dinner we went to a different place, and this night we went to Animator's Palate, which was kind of art-themed. They had sketches of Disney characters all over and they also had tvs all over with Finding Nemo characters that would randomly float onto the screen and talk and respond with the people in the restaurant.

I had the salmon, which was delicious!!

When we got back to our stateroom, an elephant was waiting for us with chocolates :)

Each night they also had a great show that was Disney based and almost as good as any Broadway show. This night it was The Golden Mickeys.

That night after the show we explored some more and just had fun on the ship. We went and did this little family game show called "Mirror Mirror," which was pretty fun. We were teamed up with this cute Asian family of six. I think they were probably Mormons too, because of the large amount of children and also because every time we saw them (we ran into them so much all over the ship) they were dressed modestly. haha ;) Being on the Disney cruise was way nice because every night we were able to just go drop Gracie off in the Oceaneers Club (which she called Pixie Hollow because there was a Tinkerbell section in it). It was this huge place for kids to go play with other kids, meet characters, and be watched over by counselors. She loved it and so did we, because it meant we could go do other stuff she wouldn't have wanted to do.

And that's the end of the first day on the Disney Cruise! Man, it makes me sentimental writing this, because we seriously had such a good time. It was so fun! More fun reading to come!

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