I figured I'd just write a quick blog post so I don't get too behind on this thing. My life has been so crazy busy lately! Right after finals were over, I cleaned up my stuff in my apartment and moved it all home (my room is a huge mess right now). I went on a trip to the grand canyon with some of roomies and some guys. Two days after I got back from the GC I left on a plane to Florida with my family where we went to Universal Studios (which contains Harry Potter World...holla!) and went on a Disney Cruise! Funnest vacation of my life--I seriously had a blast. We got back last Monday from that and then I spent that week hanging out with my family mostly. This week I'm leaving for Boston (hopefully!!). The deal with that is this: I'm flying standby (because my aunt works for an airline and can get passes for that sort of thing so it's WAY cheaper) and the flights keep not looking good. But I start my internship on Monday so I kinda need to get out there asap! I'm praying that I'll get to fly out Thursday, but I know that whatever happens will happen and it'll work out the way it's supposed to.

So that's life right now..wish me good luck on getting on a flight to Boston and you will definitely know when I'm out there! When I get a chance (aka when I'm done packing, which I keep putting off) I will post all about those other trips, but for now I'm packing and spending time with the fam. Nothing better right? :)

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  1. sounds fun! good luck in Boston, can't wait to hear about your summer adventures there!


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