Happy Halloween 2014!

Halloween this year was pretty chill, since I currently don't have a job and I only have one class on Fridays. I didn't really dress up (though I did wear my Hogwarts Alumni shirt throughout the day), which compared to last year at the daycare and two years ago dressing up at work and throwing and going to numerous Halloween parties (won't lie, that was probably the best Halloween ever), it kind of sounds lame! But I think chill was exactly what I wanted and I had a great time!

In the morning, my stats group and I ended up skipping our class and getting together for breakfast and doing the group assignment at one girl's apartment instead. It was a lot of fun, I love my stats group! They keep me going to class instead of skipping all the time haha.

That night my roommates and I went bowling at the BYU Games Center because it was only $1. Can I just say how much I love these girls? They're my favorite people and I'm so glad I get to live with them and hang out with them, we have so many fun times that I don't even get to photograph.
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Carli was a pirate, Jessica was a nerd (we had her wear pens in her pocket, wear nerd glasses, and tuck her shirt in), Olivia looks insanely a ton like Shailene Woodley so she dressed up like Tris from Divergent, and I was a Harry Potter alumnus, wearing my shirt, gryffindor cardigan, and time turner!
She really looks so much like Tris! (see real actress here)
After that we went to the store to get movie snacks and then went home and watched Fun Size, which is a pretty cheesy movie but that made it pretty funny and it was also Halloween themed. :)

In church today I drew my Halloween story so if you wanna get all the details here it is. A peek into my personal writings haha.


  1. Woah! Your roommate really does look an insane amount like Shailene Woodley, how crazy. Lucky for her! Good to know about $1 bowling at BYU too, hopefully they'll do that next year. I love your Harry Potter alum costume ps, so great! I want that shirt.

    1. I know right, it's so crazy! People are always stopping her being like.."did anyone tell you you look like shailene woodley?" and she just laughs because she's heard it so much. And thanks! I actually got the shirt from Walmart for like $7! best purchase ever haha.


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