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I love going to college and living in Provo. Since I'm graduating in June and don't really know what's going to happen in my life after that, I'm trying to enjoy everything as much as possible!

I had to take this photo of my new boots in the fall leaves lining our gutter because it looked so picturesque! Fall can't leave, I love it too much!
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Monday was FHE and we had a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and starbursts and making s'mores.

My friend Matt (also pictured in the FHE selfie up above) and I were talking about the Parent Trap handshake, so one night he came over and we learned it! Pretty great, and here's the video I posted on instagram of it:
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This past weekend was a fun one. Friday night I met up with my old roommate Jenna and we went to a concert at Velour, one of the local concert places people often going to in Provo. It was super fun! I haven't been to Velour in forever and when I've gone before some of the bands haven't been great, since it's a place for local bands to play. But I got to hear RKDN and VanLadyLove, both whose music I'd never heard before but now LOVE. Finding awesome new music is the best!
(l to r: Robbie (Jen's cousin), Jenna, lead singer of VanLadyLove, and me)

Jenna and I were only roommates for two months, which seems absolutely crazy to me, because it felt like we lived together for so much longer than that, and we are such great friends! I'm glad we got to hang out and hopefully we get to do it again soon!

This is one of my favorite RKDN (pronounced Arcadian) songs...it has that kind of 80s vibe that's pretty popular and cool right now:

And this is a favorite from VanLadyLove:

Saturday morning (which turned into the afternoon) I had a brunch with my best group of girl friends. It was so fun and we ended up hanging out for like 5 hours! Haha I had so much homework to do and had no time to do it because we spent so much time together. It was great though, because it was the first time all five of us were together in three years! This was us three years ago, right before Jessica left on her mission (I feel like we've changed so much since then!):
(l to r: Lauren, Alyne, Jessica, Sarah, me)
Jessica went on a mission and then Lauren went on a mission right before Jessica got back and in between all of that Alyne and Sarah got married! Pretty crazy. So we had such a blast hanging out. We've still hung out regularly and as often as possible, like once a week or every other week, but it hasn't been all of us for three years.

Haha and now here we are with a giant bear! Alyne and her husband Cameron got this bear from Costco and to say it's huge is basically an understatement! It was pretty much love at first sight for all of us with this bear, named Max. He's also an excellent cuddle buddy haha.

Anyway, I'm so glad to have friends like these ladies and still be so close with them after so many years of friendship! They are my favorites and I hope we stay friends for a long loooong time. :)

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