Fun! Friends! Fondue!

(l to r) my cousin Alex, Andre, Bryan, me!, Carli, Stephen (Olivia's bf), Olivia, and Jessica

(ha.. sorry for the cheeseball title)
Lately I've been trying to cook more (a few weeks ago I made some good white chicken chili), which is always an adventure haha. I loooove making and eating fondue, but its obviously much more enjoyed with good company. I'd been wanting to do it for a while but things kept coming up so Sunday was finally the day we made it happen.

I definitely had some help with making everything and thank goodness because it probably would have burned or tasted disgusting! I try to cook but try is the key word there. ;) We had a fun time eating and feeling gross afterward from all the cheese and chocolate we ate haha!

After fondue we watched the CES Devotional by Elder Hallstrom of the seventy and I feel kind of bad admitting this but man, we couldn't help but laugh at what a lot of the choir members were doing behind the prayer (like looking up quickly and then back down, moving their eyebrows, making faces, yawning--poor guys, they probably didn't realize they were being watched so closely!). We should probably be more reverent haha. And then we jammed with Bryan for a while on the guitar.

I'm so glad to have great and close friends! Life really wouldn't be much fun without them. It's been a fun semester so far :)

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