Cutting Fashion Look #2: Yellow and Red Printed Dress

I have very exciting news to share...I'm doing another fashion show in April! Yay! It's with this great organization called RAWartists, where they showcase different artist's work (including fashion design) at their shows throughout the year. The show I'm doing is going to be in Salt Lake on April 25. I'm really excited for it and hopefully I'll have time to make a few more pieces to show. It should be fun! Here's the info for the show and here is the link for my profile. Tickets are $10 so if you want to come, I would love the support and it would be great to see you!

Now, on to more fashion design topics, I'm talking about my next Cutting Fashion look (btw, all of my Cutting Fashion looks will be featured at the show on April 25, so if you want to see them in person, please come!).

This look was actually the first one I sketched in my collection and it was also the first one I made for it. This one was pretty simple, but I liked it because the waist seam sat lower than where your actual waist would be but higher than your hips. I wish that I could have made this dress a little more flattering, but overall, I think it turned out pretty good. A lot of people told me this was their favorite one in the collection. Thanks to my model Ellen! She seriously pulled it off great and the dress looked perfect on her.


In person:

On the runway:


  1. WOW!! You are SO talented! I wish I could make clothes like that, what a wonderful skill to have! The dress is beautiful :)


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