In the midst of everything that goes on in life--school, work, relationships and heartbreak, events out of our control, and random happenings--I'm so lucky and so grateful to be best friends and roommates with these girls.

I moved in with them at a really hard time in my life...I was still dealing with my eating disorder and I'd just gotten out of a really crappy roommate situation that had kind of thrown me into somewhat of a depression. And while they didn't really know that any of that was going on, at least not to those extremes, I knew they were there for me. I'd come home and they'd ask me how my day was and on weekends whoever of us was there would hang out and have fun together. Every Sunday we took whatever we had in our cupboards and made something delicious together. After we'd all get home from school on weekdays, we'd all be in the kitchen together making our separate dinners and discussing how our days went. Late nights were spent talking about more serious things like boys and other topics that didn't leave our bedrooms. When I spend time with these girls and look back on all of the fun times we've had together, I think of love and I think of happiness.

When I spend time with these girls, my bad days turn good and my scowls turn to smiles. Whether it's celebrating one of our birthdays (today we celebrated Kelsey's), throwing a huge party, or just staying in for a movie, being with my roommates makes me happy.

I'm seriously one of the luckiest people in the world to have friends always there for me whenever I need them. After the end of this summer, we'll all be going our separate ways...two getting married, two moving away for jobs or internships, one still in school, and one not in school but still trying to move forward in her life (me). No matter where life takes all of us, I'll look back on these days as happy ones, mostly because I got to be friends with these awesome girls.

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  1. This is so sweet!

    I didn't even know you were roomies with Meghan! She's literally the most beautiful, hilarious, sweetheart of a person alive! You two have a lot in common that way... so just sayin'. No wonder it works so well. :)

    I'm glad you have such great ones! My roommate situation freshman year was anything but favorable. I can't wait to live with friends after my mission! Let the good times ROLL.

    As always, love your blog.



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