March Madness

March has been a pretty good month so far, there have been a lot of ward activities and there's been a lot of fun with my roommates, so I've really enjoyed it (I apologize for the low quality of some of these photos, as they were taken from my phone).

March 4th we had an Oscars night with our ward where each FHE group made a video and then we watched them all and had a little awards ceremony. I already posted the video we made the other day, but just in case you didn't see it or want to see it again, here it is:

We got all dressed up for it and brought a celebrity guest (who else but Carrie Underwood?!) along, all of which made for a very fun night. We even got swag bags at the end of it!
We had a great time trying to bring Carrie in the car ;)

I have been crazy busy working (from last Tuesday to Monday I worked 7 days in a row, 7 or 8 hours every day, so I was tired) but I've been trying to go to as many fun things as I can go to. I got to face paint with my aunt on Saturday (March 9th) at a fun little fair a preschool put on. This is the only picture I got but you can see more of what we do here. After that it was my roommate Talya's bridal shower, but I unfortunately had to miss it and go to work. Sad day. :(

Sunday I also had to work, which meant missing church and a fireside (once again, sad day) but it was a pretty awesome day because it was March 10th, Carrie Underwood's 30th birthday!! For years I have been wanting to throw a party for Carrie Underwood and this year, since we actually have the cardboard cutout and it was her 30th, I knew a party had to be thrown. I made cakes and my roommates kindly frosted them for me while I was at work and then a few people from our came over to sing, blow out candles, and eat the cake. Yep, Carrie did indeed blow (or flap) out her own candles. It was awesome.

Yes, I'm almost positive Carrie had a pretty swell birthday party. People probably think I'm crazy, but I love doing weird, fun things like that. Haha maybe someday I will actually get to meet Carrie Underwood and celebrate her birthday with her! That's the dream. (Also, I'm realizing now that the majority of the pictures on this post have included Carrie Underwood....but I'm not sorry. She's awesome.)

I have no pictures of this, but on Tuesday (March 12th), I watched the Bachelor finale with my roommates, yay! And (SPOILER) we were sooooooo happy he picked Catherine. Honestly, it didn't really look like he had great chemistry with either of the girls, but Lindsay was dang annoying and immature. Catherine was the clear choice all the way (see here--and if you do watch the Bachelor, this is a great blog for recaps. It's seriously hilarious to read.), though we did worry about Sean's judgment. I'm glad he picked her and they seem way cute together. As cheesy as it may be, I'm excited to see their televised wedding (if they make it that far, which I think they might) haha. And I'm so excited for Desiree to be the next Bachelorette! Let's face it, we all saw that coming, and we are now all waiting in anticipation for summer to come so that it can start. Ha. :)

Pi Day was on March 14th (3.14) so my ward had a pie party on the 13th where everyone brought delicious pies and then we all voted to see which ones were the best. I tried a bunch of them, and I have to say that they were all really good. Yay for pi(e) day!

I've been sick with a cold, which totally stinks. I get colds so often that I know the cycle they go through, sad huh? Day 1: sore throat that no amount of water can take away; day 2: achiness, overall sick feeling and just wanting to be in bed; day 3: runny/stuffy nose, and many of the same side effect from day 2, and going from feeling really hot to kind of cold; day 4: a nasty cough that comes with an aching chest and an itchy back (does your back itch when you cough, because mine does--but it itches from the inside so there's no way to get rid of it); day 5 and on: symptoms eventually get better. But seriously, no matter how much I get used to it, being sick will never be fun. :(

And in case you are wondering, I feel really good after sharing my post last Monday. It was one of the best things I ever could have done. I think with things like that, we build them up to be a lot worse than they actually are, and that was definitely the case with me. It feels so good to have it in the open though, like you'd never believe. Now that it's out in the open, I don't have to worry anymore about anyone finding out or me saying something that would give it away. I feel like I can just live life so much more carefree because of it. I think the best part about it all is that when anything about eating disorders or any trial, really, comes up, I can talk about and I can share my experience. I'm so excited about that. It's still fresh on my mind right now, so I may be discussing my feelings about sharing that or a little bit more of my experience, I hope that's okay! I think I'm still trying to get all my emotions out about it or just figure out what I'm feeling.

One more thing...shoutout to my roommate Kelsey today on her 22nd birthday!! (She's feelin' 22..) I can't wait to celebrate tonight. :)

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