Cutting Fashion Look #1: Red and Navy Blue Dress

I know you are probably kind of tired of hearing all about this fashion show, but I wanted to write a post about each individual look. And then after that, this might be all done with. Okay, actually fashion design for me will obviously never be done, but soon I'm hoping to start working on a few new looks.

I sketched this look after I found the perfect fabric (shown below on the model) that I also used in another dress. Funny story, when I was trying to decide what color scheme and theme I wanted to do for my collection, I was having a hard time deciding. I was considering doing something with like mint green and mustard yellow and stuff like that, but those colors are super trendy right now, and I wanted to do something of my own accord and not just because they were the popular colors (as cute as they might be). So one night I actually had a dream and the colors red, light yellow, and navy blue came into my head and the perfect pattern with all of them together did too. After that day, I knew what color scheme I wanted to do for my collection. It was perfect. So I went searching in all the fabric stores and found the below fabric. It wasn't an exact match, but it was pretty close.

This garment was supposed to be a little more fitted in the top, and if I'd had more time, it would have been. But for the most part I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I plan on taking it in a little more now that everything's done and I have time to fix it.


In person:

Tell me: what do you think? Like it? Yes or no? I would love feedback :)

Oh and thanks to my model Breanna for modelling this dress!

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