kaileemade: A Lace Skirt

I made this skirt the week before school started this year. It was actually just done on a whim (a Wednesday--haha whimsical Wednesday??) where I was looking through my September issue of Vogue, got inspired, and decided I wanted to make a cute lace skirt that day. So I did! Once again, it was made with no patterns, I just used another skirt I had to know the length and approximate size needed. I have a box filled with fabric, so I just used some of that, as well as thread, a hook and eye, and a zipper I already had, and voila! A skirt! :)

I adore this skirt! It's super feminine and my favorite part is the pattern on a pattern (lace over floral). I seriously love things with patterns on top of patterns, I think it's such a great look!

And yep, this is my skirt. Love it lots. And already we are getting started on fashion show stuff, I'm so excited! Today we had modeling auditions. I need to get the rest of my collection designed within a week and a half. Yippee!


  1. so cute! i love the shape of the skirt too.

  2. you are so clever and that skirt is so cute! well done!


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