Fashion Friday: Fashion's Night Out!

Last night I had the awesome opportunity to go to Fashion's Night Out!

Basically it's the biggest fashion event in the world because it was happening everywhere! It's a night of shopping and fashion shows. It also kicks off New York Fashion Week in NYC, which is now going on (gah, SO wish I was there!). The Utah one was being held in Fashion Place mall and I got lucky enough to win VIP passes from my friend's Madison and Lauren's blog Awkward Girls. I got to bring a guest so I invited my sister Carina to come along with me. It was great! We got to go in a roped off area where they served delectable desserts from Brio Tuscan Grille and they gave us cute tote bags with lots of swag. We also got great seating for all the fashion shows which was a lot of fun. The fashion shows featured students from SLCC's fashion institute as well as a lot of fashions from the stores in the mall. They had other stuff going on as well. They took pictures of us (this is the one from my camera but they'll be posted on Salt Lake magazine's facebook page), had fashion illustrations (we're going to get ours emailed to us because the girl doing it didn't have enough time there to finish), a free photobooth, and shopping of course!

Excuse the photo quality of some of these pictures. I didn't take out my camera very much because I was caught up having too much fun :)
Contrary to popular belief, I am indeed the older sister, although I am shorter and look younger. What is this?! (oh and I made my shorts! I wish there was a better picture of them)
Madison and Lauren from Awkward Girls...these ladies are great!
After the fashion shows were done and the mall closed down, they had an after party for the VIPs at Brio Tuscan Grille with live music and more yummy fancy food. Carina and I went there for a little bit after and then had to head home because it was getting late.
Isn't this bag adorable?!
Yep, I had a blast. And it made me realize even more about how much I love fashion. Every day I love it more and more and I get bigger dreams. I never realized something could make me so happy...nothing really ever quite met the bar for me, but fashion came along and I adore it. All those years of stumbling around got me somewhere, thank goodness!

I ended the night with a bathroom mirror picture. I tend to take these a lot, but I've realized the pattern! I take these photos of myself whenever I'm happy, and I don't want to forget how happy I looked or felt.

Have a great weekend! There'll be a post featuring my newly made shorts shortly :)

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  1. just discovered you blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! : )



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