As an aspiring fashion designer, I have certain dreams that one day I hope will come true. One of those dreams is definitely to have my own fashion line one day. I think that would be super amazing. And being an LDS woman, it would probably end up being modest clothing that I’d design and sell.

That being said, I do not want to be another one of those companies that fits under the “modest clothing” category. I think we all know what I mean—the companies that make the cap sleeve tees and tank tops to make your clothes modest (like here), with a bunch of knit dresses and shirts that we’ve seen way too many times before (here). Yeah, it's kinda cute, but ever heard the term "modest is hottest?" I don't feel like that completely rings true with these type of companies. Is this really what modest clothing needs to be? Can’t LDS women look super cute and fashionable while still keeping their values?

The obvious answer is yes. There are hundreds of fashion blogs out there, like Clothed Much and The Daybook that have shown us that yes, we can look cute while staying modest at the same time. But what about for the people who don’t want to search all over the place trying to find modest clothing from the fashion forward stores? There aren’t many places out there that are super fashion forward and completely modest. The only companies I can think of that do this well would be Shabby Apple, and possibly DownEast Basics (which does sell the modest cap sleeve tees mentioned above but also a variety of apparel, some of which are really cute and keep up with the trends).

I like Shabby Apple because they appeal to all types of women, not just Mormons, and I think that ultimately my goal is just that—to be able to attract people with any values to wear my clothes, not necessarily because they’re modest, but because they are cute. People generally wear immodest clothing not always because they are purposely trying to do so, but because that’s what’s out there, and that’s what cute. I mean, they’re not trying to be modest either, but when they see a dress like this and a cute sleeveless dress like this, the choice is obvious of which one they’ll pick.

My goal is to design clothes that are cute and fashionable but still cover up. Clothes that, when people have an option, they can choose to wear the modest outfit and still know that they will look even cuter than they would if they had chosen the other one. Hopefully this dream will become a reality, and one day, you’ll see my clothing on models walking down a runway in New York Fashion Week (okay, okay… we’ll work on one goal at a time haha).

(note: this post is in no way trying to minimize modest clothing companies, just trying to make a point. Mostly, these are just my random thoughts on a Saturday night)

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