Photo Shoot With my Sisters

So today, my sisters and I decided to go take pictures (well it was my idea, but they agreed to come haha)! So I picked out their outfits, got my dad's camera, and we were off! We just went to a few places around town but it turned out to be quite an adventure. It happened to be raining, but the rain would just come in random spurts. So whenever it started to rain again, we'd just run back to the car and drive to another place! It was great. :) But ya it was lots of fun to take all these pictures, and why wouldn't it? My sisters are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, take a look, they're gorgeous. I think a lot of them turned out really great, especially with a little editing done. Not to brag...but I think I did a pretty swell job at photographing (oh, and the ones with all 3 of us were done on a tripod with a self timer). But don't take my word for it...look at the pictures! They say a picture is worth a thousand words... (oh ya...they're in reverse order sorry :P. And if you wanna see the rest of them, they're all on my facebook)


  1. Those are the most GORGEOUS pictures I have ever seen!!!!! You are all so beautiful inside and out and these pictures captured that! Very cool. I love all three of you! Thanks for sharing them. I love them. :)

  2. The are no words to express how happy it makes me to see those pictures! Three amazing girls (one an adult and a great example to the other two).


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