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So I started another blog (don't worry, I'll still be updating this one regularly)! One of my goals for this school year is to wear a different outfit every school day and make sure it's super cute ha. So I made a blog to record my progress! I would love for you to check it out because I'll be posting every day. Click this link to go to it:

In other news..school started today! This semester I'm taking 12.5 credits..but don't let the numbers fool you--I'm gonna be reading and writing SO much! Weirdly enough, I'm already a Senior (18 years old and a Senior in college, probably the youngest Senior at BYU haha) so I'm really getting into my major classes. I'm taking 4 english classes (2 of which are 300-level!) for my major and one jazz dance class for fun, because dance is such a huge love in my life. :) Today I had Modern American Usage, Later British Authors-with a focus on Jane Austen and Henry James, and Early British Literary History.

Haha, yep I'm an English nerd, because I'm super excited for all of these classes! They will be a lot of work, especially with reading and writing. I wasn't too excited for Early Brit Lit at first because it's not literature I'm interested in and it's just a required class, but I really like the teacher because she said a lot of people don't want to take that class so she tries to make it fun by giving us a lot of options for writing assignments, letting us work in groups, and doing fun stuff (like coloring in class and possibly going on a fieldtrip to see a Shakespeare play!). It will be a hands on class so now I'm super excited! Tomorrow I have Creative Writing and Jazz Dance. I'm even more excited for those classes! Tuesdays and Thursdays will for sure be my fun days. So wish me luck for the rest of the semester. I hope I do well!! :)

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  1. I love blogging... and I love your blogs!! Good luck with school girly


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