3 Years Ago

So I've been looking back at all of my old blog posts and just reading them, and wow, I can totally say that I'm so very happy I started this blog a little over three years ago! It's so cool to see how much I've grown up in my writing, in my pictures, and in just who I've hung out and what I've done. Like take a look at this post for instance. I look so little! And I thought it was so great to read about the different ballets performed there, because there's no way I'd remember it now.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that this blog has been totally worth it. It's almost died a few times, I have to admit, but I'm so glad I've stuck with it these three long years and I will be blogging for many future years to come.

Oh ya, so guess what...I'm sick AGAIN. Surprised? This is like the 4th time this summer I've been sick. My mom says it's cuz I don't eat my veggies (I'd still rather be sick than eat them though). :/ Oh well..hopefully I feel better soon. All I've been doing is writing in my journal, get on facebook, and sleep. And blog of course. ;) I also have an awful sunburn on my shoulders and part of my back from Water World cuz I didn't put sunblock on. It hurt sooooo bad at first and now it just hurts a little, itches, and looks disgusting. Hopefully it heals soon....

P.S. I saw the movie "Julie and Julia" last night and would highly recommend it. Such a great movie!! :)


  1. Get better!! And I love that movie too :)

  2. I bet seeing that movie inspired you to blog more!

  3. Aww...a good blogging movie! I liked it to, but the ending was a tiny bit disapointing. Glad you are bloggin' more!


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