To graduate from BYU with my Bachelors in English

To do some good in the world--like join the Americorps or go on a mission or even join the National Guard

To get my Masters Degree in who knows what, but I know it'll be something I love

To get married in the temple to the most amazing guy in the world

To meet Carrie Underwood

To be a mom and have kids that I will love SO much and will hopefully be ok to them

To write a book worth reading

To overcome my trials in life with faith and perseverance

To be a great family member, a wonderful friend, and an amazing person to whoever I meet in life. I want to make people happy.

To travel the world (or at least Europe)

To read lots of books, sing lots of songs, and dance lots of dances

To die knowing that I led the happiest and most wonderful life I could have led.



  1. I love it!!!!! You can and will accomplish all your hopes and dreams. You are amazing. You know, I really believe that if you don't let go of your dreams, they won't let go of you!!!!

    I love this post!

  2. Your dreams are amazing! And I would totally buy any book your write :).


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