My Celebrity Crush:

Taylor Lautner
I'm pretty much like every other girl in America when I say this, but who doesn't love this gorgeous hunk from Twilight?! I seriously fall in love again every time his shirt comes off. ;) So everyone else...back off! He's all mine. :)

My Favorite Actress:

Amy Adams
I loved her in Enchanted (my all time fav movie), Julie and Julia, Night at the Museum, and anything else I've seen her. She's gorgeous, funny, and humble, and I think she does a great job in whatever movie she's in.

The Celebrity I just don't get:

Miley Cyrus
This girl is so bipolar. One minute she's sweet Hannah Montana, the next she's a squawking bird in a cage keeping her clothes to a bare minimum. Miley seems so great on screen and in her music (well the old music) but off screen she's a maniac. I loved her in "The Last Song" and I don't understand why she isn't more like that all the time. Or at least a little "tamed"... People would like her a lot more.

My Favorite Child (well kinda) celebrity:
Dakota Fanning
She's been famous since 2003 when she did "Cat in the Hat" at age 9 and now has had prominent roles in the Twilight series, "Push," "Coraline," and several films to come in the near future. I love how cute she is and yet how grown up she comes across as. I don't know, I guess I've always loved Dakota Fanning and I think she's a great actress.

And of course, my most favorite celebrity over all:

Carrie Underwood!
I'm sure none of you saw this one coming. ;) But I just can't help love Carrie. She's absolutely gorgeous, has the most amazing voice, is so down to earth, and seems to be a really great person over all. I've been to 2 of her concerts, check her fan website every day, have pictures of her all over my room, and wear the concert tees pretty much every night for bed and like every week in public ha. I'm kinda one of her biggest fans probably... :) I would so love to meet her someday!!

What are your answers??? I would love to hear! Post in the comment section! :)


  1. I like Carrie Underwood and Amy Adams too... they are classy! My favorite actress is Reese Witherspoon because she is smart and wholesome. Why don't celebrities understand that people don't like trashy? We should really tell them :)

  2. Crush: Lee Pace, Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Jude Law, Leo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, James Franco, Joel McHale, Jonas Armstrong, Robert Downey Jr, and Will Smith. (What? They're all hot!)

    Actress: Either Zooey Deschanel or Kristin Bell. Love Amy Adams too :)

    One I just don't get: I have to agree with you on Miley Cyrus. She said once that she hated pop music. THEN WHY IS THAT ALL YOU SING???

    Child Celeb: Jaden Smith. Kid should not be that good. Makes me sick :)


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