I literally have had no time lately! Which is definitely one of the reasons blogging has taken a hiatus. I am currently furiously sewing for the Cutting Fashion show on February 9th (I'll give you more details as it gets closer so you can come!). All my looks are due this Saturday so I just need to be done by then. I'm so close but at the same time I feel like I still have so much to do! It's like my own little Project Runway, minus Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, Mood fabrics (still wish I lived in New York just so I could go there whenever I want), and the fact that I don't have a nice big sewing studio haha. Everything is coming along nicely though. I met my models on Saturday when we had a rehearsal for the runway show. I love them. They're some of the nicest girls I've ever met.  We also had a designer photoshoot on Saturday so I got to get to know some of the designers better. The show is going to be so fun! I get more excited for it every day.

For those of you who haven't heard (which is probably most of you), I've decided to take a temporary break from school. I'm kind of close to graduating with about two-ish semesters left (but maybe more) but I really need a break. I was not doing super well in school and I wasn't motivated at all, so the decision was made for me to take some time off. It was a really hard thing to realize that I wouldn't be in school this semester and I cried a lot thinking about it. I mean, it's a scary thing not to be doing what I've been doing basically since I was five years old. It's scary to think about not following the exact plan I had in mind. But yeah, school's been hard for me to do lately so I need to take some time off. Temporarily of course.

Another sad fact of me not being in school is that I had to quit my job of three and a half years at the bookstore. My last day was on Friday and it was really sad to go. It's been an awesome job and I really love the people I work with. Thankfully though, I know we will keep in touch because we are such good friends. So I'm now officially jobless and school-less. I'm so grateful I have the fashion show to keep me busy while I'm searching for a job. Otherwise I might just sit around like a lazy potato (is there such a thing?).

It's sad that I won't be in school for a little bit, but it's the right decision. It's definitely what I need right now. And I have to say that it's taken a lot of stress off my back. I'm so glad that I don't have to stress over school and worry about any of that stuff right now. It's such a relief. A relief that I really need. :)

One more exciting thing about this semester is that my sister Carina is now in Provo going to UVU! It's been the best having her here. It's nice because I automatically have someone to hang out with or just chill with. We go grocery shopping together and can hang out whenever. Seriously though, I love it. I'm so happy she's here. It makes me feel more at home. :) She's also modeling in the fashion show for me which is extra fun.

Welp...that is the life update for now, because I know you were all dying to hear how I was. I'm doing good. Life is really happy and I am just so so excited for this fashion show coming up. You should plan on coming because it's going to be SWEET. Also, if any of you know of any jobs in the Provo/Orem/Utah county area, please please let me know, because I need to find something soon! I would love something full-time and am free at all times of the day. Seriously though, if you hear of anything let me know!

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  1. I am way impressed that you are doing a fashion show! That is so cool that you are really pursuing your interests and talents. I wish I could come!

    Good for you for taking a semester off. I can imagine that was not an easy decision to make! I hope it will be a really good time for you to regroup and enjoy life. I haven't been in school since last May, and even though recovering from knee surgery wasn't a fun alternative, I have to say taking a break from school has been refreshing! (and now my mission... yeah, it's gonna be a long break!)

    I'm happy to hear that you are really happy!


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