Not being in school has been such an interesting experience. I can sleep in every day for as long as I want and then I realize that I have nothing to do and become productive. Today I did laundry, did the finishing touches on one of my fashion show garments, vacuumed my room, ironed and steamed my finished garments, and looked for jobs.

Tonight I did a quick grocery store run with my sister (sidenote: let me just say how much I love having her Provo. It's been really fun to have a sibling here) and then went to family home evening. I talked with people in my ward, made new friends, felt the spirit, and had fun playing a get-to-know-you game. And then I got home and worked on blog stuff (for another blog I'm starting with my friends soon).

There are a lot of things about not being in school that are difficult. The main one being the fact that my life plans changed and got postponed but everyone around me is still staying on course with their own. I feel like I'm being left behind, even though it's my fault I'm not moving forward right now.

But while not being in school has been somewhat of a tough and different adjustment, it's been really nice. I feel so stress-free, which I think is something I really needed. I know that this no school/no job situation won't last forever (I do need a job so I hope it ends soon actually) but while it is lasting, it's good. I kind of feel like I'm just floating along in life.

Today was nice. I'm happy. And I think my life is right on par for the course it's supposed to go in. :)

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