Thoughts on the Bachelor So Far

If you don't watch the Bachelor, I apologize for this post in advance. Skip over it if you so desire, but I felt like writing about it. After yesterday's episode I'm going to write about the girls in order of my own favoritism.

1. AshLee: So far, she seems like the most genuine and sweetest girl on this show. I loved how she graciously shared her date with Sean with those two other girls last week, cried talking about it, and then shared a personal story about her own life and how she was adopted when she was six. And then we have this week's episode where she was right there helping Sarah out and giving her words of encouragement. If Sean doesn't pick her to be his wife by the end of this, she's gonna be the next bachelorette. Totally calling it.

2. Sarah: I don't know if it's just because of the whole "missing an arm" thing, but I think even if she had all body parts, I'd still like her. Sarah seems really nice and stays out of the drama. You can tell she's obviously there to get to know Sean better, but she's also being friendly with the other girls. I feel bad that they keep focusing on the fact that she only has one arm though (I know, I know, I brought it up at the start of this paragraph) because she said at the beginning of the season that it's something that doesn't define her. Also, they never should have taken her on the roller derby date. That's just mean and one more way they're trying to make the show more interesting. Not cool.
I really did try hard to get a good screenshot of Sarah but it just wasn't working out.
3. Selma: I feel like I can really relate to Selma in the fact that we are both small, non-athletic girly girls. My roommates and I were very excited last week to see that she'd get a date with Sean this week because she is hilarious. I love how she's always speaking her mind and pretty much being herself. I also respect her for not kissing Sean, although laying down and cuddling under a blanket with your lips an inch apart saying "I want to kiss you so bad," doesn't really show that you're trying to be a consertive muslim for your mother. Haha, just pointing that out. But yes, I like her and I hope she's around for a while.

4. Desiree: I'm not quite sure what to think of Desiree. I really liked her when she first went on her one-on-one date with Sean and they seem to have really good chemistry. I just wonder if she has some drama hidden behind that smiling face. She seems like she could be a girl who, if she doesn't get what she wants, then tension arises. Also, we know there will be some type of drama coming up with her because they showed in the coming scenes that one of her ex-boyfriends will come and try to win her back (staged by ABC? I honestly wouldn't be surprised). I'm jealous of her job as a Bridal Stylist though. I think that'd be fun.

5. Robyn: Somehow, although Robyn hasn't been on a one-on-one date with Sean yet, she seems to make herself known, and mostly not in a bad way. She's a go-getter and confident, which is good, but I don't see her staying around for too much longer. I don't think she and Sean will connect the way he does with some of the other girls. He might just be keeping her around because of the question she asked about races in the first episode. That's another reason why I like her, because I thought it was cool of her to bring that up and ask him.

6. Jackie: I honestly don't know much about this girl, but I still like her more than some of the other girls there (or dislike her less--not that I dislike her). I think she's getting a date next week which will be good. I don't know how much longer she'll be around because she doesn't seem to get as caught up in all the drama. When Tierra was confronting her and Robyn, she kind of just stayed out of it. That's probably what I would do in a situation like that too, but sometimes it's more fun to watch people who talk more and put themselves out there (disclaimer: I'm not saying I like the drama *cough*Tierra*cough* because I most definitely do not).

7. Catherine: After watching the little bit of Catherine that I saw in this week's episode, I like her a lot less than I did. You can tell she's super forward and a very physical person with her saying she just wants to end up with a "passionate man" and telling Sean she wishes she could kiss him when they're at the rose ceremony. We'll see about Catherine...we will see.

8. Lindsay: Personally, I don't know what Sean sees in this girl that the first impression he got of her was her in a wedding dress and then later on her being drunk and begging to kiss him. I was really surprised she didn't go home the first episode. She seems kind of immature and just plain annoying to me. I don't really know what Sean sees in her and I hope she goes home soon because she annoys me.
I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist posting this photo. Goldmine!
9. Lesley M. (although now she's the only Lesley/Leslie left, which will make things much less confusing, thank goodness): Lesley and Lindsay are both about tied at the same spot right now. But the way she's looking here sent her down a notch. She's all about the kissing and the pda, with kissing Sean and trying to be all sexy in the photoshoot, her going back and kissing him after the moment was over, and then participating in the longest on screen kiss ever (I guess that probably wasn't her fault, but I have no doubt that she would have suggested it had she had a choice). Her and Sean did seem to have pretty good chemistry together but I hope he doesn't end up with this girl. She just seems a teeny bit trashy (like a player type girl, for lack or non-usage of better words).
Not a ton of Lesley shots in this week's episode...maybe the way she looked here is why.
10. Daniella: I know nothing about this girl and was shocked to see that Sean picked her over Amanda (not that Amanda was doing herself any favors with her dress, hair, or makeup...more on that later). The only reason she's not at the bottom is because no one can be worse than Tierra on this show.

11. Tierra: She's the devil in disguise. Or even worse...the devil's wife in disguise. How do I hate Tierra? Let me count the ways....she's always talking about how she can't wait to punch girls or push them down (reminds me of this--Tierra and that girl would get along very well--also I love how the only girl Tierra got along with was Amanda. Of course hahaha), she's so fake around Sean, she has fake broken necks and fake seizures (next week), she says she hates drama, she tells Sean she wants to leave just so she can get the rose (what happened to "I want Sean to give me that rose because he likes me for me"?), she forces fake apologies to the other girls, she does mean jokes like saying Selma was going on the date last week, she tells Sean not to listen to the other girls if they say she's causing drama, and she's always always fixing her sleeveless dress trying to show more cleavage. This girl is a class A psycho. Right up there with Mona from Pretty Little Liars. The only consolation I have from all this drama is that when this is all done and she doesn't end up with Sean (if she ends up with him then something is wrong with this world), karma will come back to bite her because everyone will see how she really is and she'll never be able to get a date again. She'll be single and alone for the rest of her life. Ha. Maybe then she'll realize that she should have just played nice.
Tierra, empress of the couch. I love the angles they use in this show.
Other last thoughts on this week's episode:
  • I was just about to write that they should make Chris Harrison the Bachelor one year, because wouldn't that be entertaining?! But I looked him up on wikipedia and he is apparently dating Justin Bieber's mom. Hm.
  • Amanda never wears anything flattering. On the second episode she wore a yellow dress that looked terrible on her and her hair looked like a rat's nest. This week during the rose ceremony she looked like an unkempt vampire from the 1920s. Not a very cute style to pull off. I was happy to see her go for her ugly outfits and the ugly way she was around others. Although I do have to say that it was hilarious when she told everyone she did roller derby all the time and in reality did not and then broke her chin. The best was when the other girls were like, "If Amanda, this amazing roller derby champion got hurt, how bad is this going to be for me?" Ahaha soooo funny! I'm glad she's gone though.
This look inspired a whole new series of novels for Stephanie Meyer
  • I've gotten used to the idea that they will always open with Sean in shorts. Pro: he wasn't wearing the same blue shorts in the same scene as the last three episodes. Con (or pro, depending on how you look at it): he was wearing tight black shorts that made me want the blue ones back.
  • I felt bad for Leslie that she had to go home. However if you go home on the bachelor, do it in style wearing diamond earrings and Badgley Mischka dress, purse, and shoes. Yes, definitely a date to leave the Bachelor on if you're gonna have to go.
  • They never eat on their dates even though they say they're getting dinner. And Sean always asks every single girl about her family. Every. single. one.
  • I suppose I have no more thoughts....except that AshLee is super sweet and Tierra is a crazy maniac. Can't wait for next week's two day episodes..woo hoo!
One more thing...know that I watch this show purely for entertainment purposes and not because I think that this could all apply to my dating life (although maybe I should give polyga-dating a try since monogomous dating isn't working out for me...kidding! Mormons are not polygamists. I promise.) or because I think the two people at the end will actually end up together. If you don't watch it and want to start, be prepared because you will get hooked.

What were your thoughts? Do you watch the show, yes, no? Who's your favorite? I don't need to ask who your least favorite is because if it's not Tierra then you must be her sister or mother. In that case, I am still not sorry....She's insane!!


  1. hahaha i love love love this post! i totally agree with you on pretty much everything, although i do like lesley a bit more than you do...she grew on me during her one-on-one date and i don't think she's as annoying as i did during the first episode. amanda's clothing choices were HORRENDOUS!!! and yes who the heck is daniella anyway?!

  2. Completely agree with ya :) The sad thing is i bet he will choose either Lindsay or Tierra in the end and it wont last; where if he went with Sarah or AshLee it could have ...


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