Current Music I'm Loving Right Now

1. ZZ Ward and her album "'Til the Casket Drops." Holy cow, this girl has an amazing voice. She has a style kind of similar to Adele but a little more upbeat and blues-y. I love this whole album. Some of my favorite songs of hers include: "If I Could Be Her," "Last Love Song," "Put the Gun Down," and "'Til the Casket Drops." Seriously, go listen on spotify and buy on itunes if you really like it. And the chances are high that you will really like it. :)

(Sorry, the "Last Love Song" video has a lot of kissing--I couldn't find any other video with the song!)

2. P!nk's album "The Truth About Love." A lot of the songs on here are explicit, so if you don't like that, I'd recommend listening to the clean versions of the songs, which is what I did. Fav songs: "Beam Me Up," "Try," "True Love," "Just Give Me a Reason," and "The Great Escape."

3. Any of Glee's music from this season. I am a watcher of Glee and while I think the show is great, I love love love the music, and I think this season they've really done a phenomenal job with it. Everyone has amazing voices and I love the emotion that is behind every song. Favorites are: "Give Your Heart a Break," "Don't Dream It's Over," "Mine" (love that one SO much), "The Scientist," "Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time," "Holding Out for a Hero," "Barely Breathing," "Don't Speak," "You Drive Me Crazy/Crazy" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." That's a ton of songs, but they really are so good. In my opinion, the episode with the best music this season was "The Break-Up." Super sad episode but really good music.

4. Lindsey Stirling and her new album. If you haven't listened to this girl's amazing music, you definitely need to! She's done something revolutionary with her violin music, taking something that is normally very classical and making it super techno and cool. Favorites of hers are "Moon Trance," "Electric Daisy Violin," and "Shadows."

5. Fifth Harmony! Anyone watch the X-Factor? If you do, you know who these five adorable and way talented girls are. They're a group that were formed on the X-Factor and every week would get better and better. The competition's over now and they placed 3rd, which is totally amazing. They don't have any of their own songs yet but favorites of theirs are "Anything Could Happen," "Impossible," and "Anytime You Need a Friend." They are definitely one of my new favorite artists because they are so talented and I love listening to their music.

(btw, the title on this second one calls them a different name because they didn't start out with 5th harmony as their name. Just an fyi :))

6. And let's just add some Carrie Underwood songs because when am I not listening to her? Current CD in my car is Carnival Ride and some of my current favorites of hers are: "Flat on the Floor," "Blown Away," "Fix You" (Coldplay cover), and "Change."

Enjoy! Do you have any music that you've been listening to a lot lately? I would love to find some new artists to listen to if you have any suggestions!! :)

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