Outsides and Insides

You know, I hardly ever take outfit photos anymore--maybe once a month--and I post them on here even less than that. I don't see that as a bad thing though. If anything, it's good. It's a little success. Two years ago I'd spend forever the night before trying to figure out what cute outfit I was going to wear the next day. And then I'd wear that outfit hoping that just one person would tell me I looked cute that day, and if they did, it was a successful day. How silly, huh? So much time spent on an outfit that would be taken off at the end of the day...so much time spent worrying and wondering what people thought about that outfit. As silly as it really was, I kind of needed that at the time. I needed the cute outfits to give me the confidence I didn't really have at the time.

The thing is though, appearance isn't everything. I'm not saying it isn't something--the way we look is very valued in our society. If we're dressed business-like for an interview, it shows we're professional. If you never brush your hair or wash your clothes, people might think you're lazy or homeless. Appearance shows who we are in a way--concert tees tell us what type of music people like, girls who enjoy wearing dresses and skirts other than to church are probably more girly, and anyone with colored skinny jeans, oxfords, a chambray shirt, thick-framed glasses, and some sort of a mustache pin or necklace is probably a hipster. I love clothing--I mean, I want to be a fashion designer. Clothes are great and they make us feel really great when we wear great clothing. The thing about clothes though, is that they are not defining. They don't make us who we are.

There was a time when I really cared about what I looked like a lot. Too much. It's a story for another day when I'm ready to tell it, but just know that I worried about more than just cute outfits. Since then, I've changed and I came to realize that there was more to people than just who they were on the outside. I realized that there was more to me than just my outside. You can spend all day putting on your makeup and wearing the cutest outfit in the world, but in the end, it will have to come off, and when it does, all your problems are still going to be there.

There are a gajillion bloggers out there, and probably about half of them blog about what they wear every day. Some of them are really popular and we look at these people and go "oh my gosh they are gorgeous and they look so cute and I wish I had their life." But behind the perfect outfit, and the perfect photography, and the perfect amount of followers they have on their blog, they are still like you and me. They have sadness like everyone else. Their lives, I'm sure, are really great. But in some ways, their lives are also really hard.

Today, I go to my closet, and some days I will wear a really cute outfit because I want to, but I don't worry about people complimenting me on it or me having to take a picture of it to document this glorious moment of an outfit. Some days, I spend a little time putting on my makeup and making myself look really cute, and I do this because I want to, because to me putting on makeup is fun, and because I like looking pretty. And then there will be other days when I go to my closet and I pick out a t-shirt and jeans and some regular sneakers, and I don't even wear makeup. Those days are just as good as the "cute" days. Why? The answer is the age-old one we've heard ever since kindergarten: "It's the inside that counts." :)

And now please enjoy this photo of my friends and I (pretend) throwing health and beauty magazines in the trash because we are cool like that haha :)


  1. Very insightful and spot on. It is interesting to grow up and look back at life and remember our priorities back then. Funny thing, I'm sure in years to come we'll look back at now, the same way. Life is learning experience for sure.

  2. Seriously Kailee, you're an inspiration. I love you and love how much you've grown over the years. Let's hang out soon please! And I'm so excited to see your designs at the fashion show!


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