Sewvivor Round 2: Thrifted Dress

This week for the Sewvivor competition, I fixed a thrifted dress! As you can see "Before," the dress was way long, too big, and just really ugly. So I fixed it up quite a bit! I took up the waist, shortened and gathered the sleeves, hemmed the bottom, made a sash using the extra fabric from the hem, and changed the buttons! Overall it actually only took me about 4 hours and I LOVE how it turned out! I wore it yesterday to school and got a lot of compliments on it. Haha I like to call it a circus dress because of the fun stripes and big, flowy skirt.

So there's my dress for ya...now, if you want to, could you go VOTE FOR ME (contestant #6!)? Thanks! I need all the votes I can get! Last time I barely made it through and I really want to get through the next round again! Thanks!!!

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