The Best News I Could Ever Have

Last year at Easter
Guess. What.

So I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I'm going to live in Boston this summer with my aunt and uncle! I made this decision because I wanted to experience the world more and I decided this was the best time to do it. I know it would be a lot of fun. So with this decision, I decided to apply for some fashion internships. If I didn't get any, no sweat, I'd just find a job when I got out there and work. Well yesterday, I just found out that....

I'm interning at ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!

And I couldn't be more excited! I'm so happy to now have something lined up for when I go out there and for it to be something that will help me move along in my fashion career! It's a school credit display internship, so I'll be helping working on the store and window displays, which will be soo cool, considering they have the coolest displays ever (see here). It's also great because I've done the merchandising stuff at work a lot, so I'm excited to learn more about it. :)

EEEE! I can't wait! Just wanted to tell you guys the happy happy news :) Have an awesome Easter weekend!

Also, thanks to everyone who voted for me, because I made it to the next round of Sew-vivor! Wish me luck! :)


  1. WOW! That is so awesome!! You will have such an incredible experience! And even better that it's in Boston, I love that city!

  2. You lucky girl! Congrats on your internship! And cute skirt.


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