Easter 2012

I went home for Easter and had the greatest time ever. for one thing, my outfit was wonderful! The picture below is too bright but it was a bow blouse with that cute floral skirt and also my nude heels that I always wear. Right after church we kept up the tradition of picture taking. Luckily it was nice weather so we could take photos outside. Oh and we got a family photo but it's on my dad's camera so I'll have to get that later.
Me and my cute siblings. As you can see from Gracie's face, we were facing the sun a bit too much.
I tried my hand at some photography taking pictures of all the kids (my dad took my picture)..

After we took pictures, we gathered up some costumes and videography stuff to make Cee Ryle's video for student body officer. We filmed it outside of his junior high. I must say, it turned out pretty hilarious and I'd totally give you the link except it's on the school website and you need a login to see it. When I get home this weekend, I get the copy from my sister and post it.

Also per tradition, Carina, Sidney, and I filled up Easter eggs and scattered them around the yard for the younger kids to have a fun egg hunt. They loved it of course!
Pre-hunt photo

Funny story: So when my mom and her siblings were kid, my grandparents (her parents) would always have them do funny picture poses like touching a leaf on a tree or something else interesting. So I was about to take a picture of my grandma and then jokingly and completely kidding my mom said, "Oh where's a tree so she can touch a leaf in the picture?" And then my grandma was completely serious like, "Oh yes! There's one!" So we got this leaf picture that actually turned out to be a really good picture and a beautiful one of my grandma. The whole branch holding thing doesn't look too bad here but it's still pretty funny. ;)
The lovely mothers
Me and my wonderful, amazing mom! I love this picture!
For Easter dinner we had ham and funeral potatoes, which was a real treat since we usually don't have the "traditional" Easter dinner in my house all the time. Man, was it a good meal! For dessert we made Resurrection Rolls (also a tradition) and had delicious cobbler made by my lovely aunt, Zildy. It was one of the best Easters ever, the weather was perfect and everyone was in great spirits. I love being home and being able to spend time with my family. It's always lots of fun. :)

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