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March was a busy month filled with many social activities and exciting things! This might become a jam-packed post, but I'm willing to take the risks. So in no particular order...

Making tacos for dinner one Sunday afternoon

One guy in our ward got a bunch of lanterns for his birthday and we all went to the bottom of Y Mountain and floated them up. Let me tell you, it was sweet. Tangled got it right!

Floating boats at the Duck Pond stream for FHE

Celebrating Kelsey's and Olivia's birthdays (one right after the other)

Hunger Games midnight showing of course (read about it here)

After 5 months of having it in our apartment (and at least 2 months of having it as a fire hazard) we burned our Christmas tree. We poured some gasoline on it and it just blew up into flames and was nothing but ash in a matter of minutes. We invited lots of people to come to the bonfire so that was fun :)
Sorry for the blurry pic, that's what happens when you have to take it through fire smoke

My old roommate Katherine's bridal shower! We got her some sexy lingerie (and you bet I'm holding the panties!) and also some stuff in symbolism of our apartment. Basically we have this little tally thing where you mark a tally and have to get the roommates something when one of them happens (ever heard of a first kiss with a guy equaling getting your roommates ice cream? That's the system). So we got her that stuff and also made some delicious cupcakes for it. And I went before to help decorate :)

Hunger Games party! SO FUN.

Just another random FHE where we were playing Smurf.

Also, I went to jail. Baha, just kidding! Heidi is a Dietetics major and had to look at the Utah County Jail kitchen for one of her classes, so I went with her as the photographer. Man that kitchen is huge, and was surprisingly clean from what you envision jails to be when you're a child. Although it did smell a little funny, but that's probably partially due to the fact that I hate vegetables. And forgive me for saying this, but man, some of the convicts are really cute. :)

And that is all. Except also I have the Hunger Games score (not the soundtrack, the SCORE) in my head because it is so incredibly amazing!!! Waiting until I get my next paycheck to buy it on itunes. :) Yes, I'm still super crazed and obsessed over the movie. It was just so wonderful! And now...good night! Watch conference tomorrow at 10...you know I will be!

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