A Tribute to Some of the Most Wonderful Girls EVER!

So basically, Freshman year at BYU wasn't what I expected. I thought it was going to be easy. I thought I'd pass classes with a breeze, living alone would be a party, and that I would get along great with all my roommates. Ha boy was I wrong. College classes are HARD. I got a lower GPA than I thought I would and I actually really had to study and do homework, unlike high school. I would be the best student ever if I went back to high school now haha! Living alone was a party sometimes, but it couldbe lonely and hard too. There were no parents telling us to clean our rooms or do chores and our apartment got pretty messy at times. I didn't have a mommy to take care of me or call in to work or school for me when I was too sick or having a rough day. No one was there to cook my meals and I actually had to make the effort to go somewhere or make something to eat (and btw, I have had way too much fast food!). I had to do it on my own and figure it out the hard way. And as roomies, at the beginning of the year, we all thought we were going to get along so perfectly and be best friends. Well, we did get along pretty great, but we had our downs too. Arguing over whose turn it was to clean the kitchen or over shower time or what to have for Sunday dinner. Let's just that we're definitely a lot more comfortable with each other than we were at the beginning of the year. ;)

But I learned SO much from all of these things that I had to figure out myself. And all these things I've learned will help me a ton later on in life. And I've made some of the best friends ever. I love my roommates like sisters. We've all gotten so close and although we're all going to start going our separate ways, I hope we can all stay friends and remember all our crazy quotes and random memories. Dang, I think I might start crying just thinking about it! :( But I just wanted to write about how each of my individual roomies has impacted me.

CHELSEY: Oh how I love this girl so much. Chelsey is one of the funniest people I know. She'll be sitting in her room and all of a sudden I'll hear her laughing about some random tv show she's watching or something funny she just read. She's always so happy and SO diligent. Somehow, she always found time to do her homework and get way goood grades AND watch her favorite tv shows. If you want to know anything about the latest music, celebrities, or tv, she's your go-to girl. We also have never failed to miss an episode of our favorite show, Glee (I got her hooked haha)! I have loved rooming with Chels so much! She's one of the funnest people I know and I hope we'll have many more crazy times to come... ;)

HOLLIE: Happy Hollie. That's what I would have to call her! Weirdly enough, Hollie and I actually went to the same high school, but never knew each other. That proves how big our hs was. She has definitely been one of my greatest friends this year. We love to bake and clean together (good thing since no one else in our apartment does..jk). I'd always get the latest update on the guys she liked, because there were many! She was also always there when I needed someone to talk to or hang out with. She was also always there to tell me when I was breaking the honor code. ;) I'm gonna miss rooming with this girly so much because she's been such a great influence on my life!

KELLY: K Lo! Kelly is one of the biggest sweethearts I know! She is absolutely hilarious and so honest and blunt too. It's great. She has the biggest sense of humor but she has the biggest heart too. I also learned that I should actually study from her. Without fail, Kelly was always studying in her room or at the library. I loooooved hearing her talk in Spanish whenever she was on the phone, giving family prayer, or talking to me or someone else. She has a beautiful accent. And I cannot forget to mention her crazy wonderful talent for art! The world should watch out..cuz one day this girl's gonna be FAMOUS! Haha Kelly is such an awesome and talented girl and I love her to death! :)

CHRISTINE: Oh how much I love my mom/relief society president/nurse/roomie so so SO much! Christine is one of the most caring people I know and I definitely could not have gotten through this year without her. Every time I was sick, she was right there giving me the medicine I needed or calling her mom for advice on what to do. She is gonna be one of the best nurses out there one day. I can for sure attest to that. She also helped me so much with boy advice and just lifting up my spirits whenever I was down. And anyone else. She was the relief society pres. in our ward and I know that she cared(s) about every single girl in our building and that she'd do anything for them. Haha and I can't forget her amazing talent of singing! I think I heard her singing from her room every single day, but I didn't mind because she has such a great voice! I will definitely miss this Cali-crazy chick! :)

BROOKE: Ohhhhh Brookie J. :) There's way to much to say about how much I LOVE this girl! Wow, I doubt I could have gotten through any part of my freshman year without her. She helped me through it all and was there for me through it all. We had so many fun times going to dances, walking EVERYWHERE (including the Wendy's drive through), being my personal trainer and teaching me how to work out, fun classes, scooter riding, making lots and lots of movies, and so much more. I seriously can't express in words how grateful I am for Brooke and how grateful I am to have one of the best friends in the whole world! I feel like crying just thinking about it and I cannot wait for next year so we can be roomies again and party it up even more! Honestly though, I'm the luckiest girl alive to have BFF like Brooke. laaaaaaa :)

Thanks so much to the girls of Fugal 182! I love you and I will miss you all sooooo much! But the memories I have will never ever be forgotten. I had a wonderful first year of college!!! :D

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  1. ah this makes me wanna cry... :( I love you soooo much Kailee Brown!!! We will def have to party it up ALL the time next year. Cuz i know if i go to hang out with you I will never be bored!


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