Home Sweet Home :)

Yep, I'm HOME! It feels so great to be back in a place that's familiar to me and is full of all the people I love. Being home has already made me as busy as possible...and I have done so much already, like:

-Watched my little sister and my other sibs so my parents could celebrate their 20th anniversary on a cruise!

-Applied for about 10 jobs :P

-Watched the movie "Valentines Day" with my sisters. It was such a cute movie! (I would definitely recommend it)
-Worked about 17 hours in 3 days at the bookstore, which kind of drained me..

-Going to an aerobics class in my ward

-Singles ward...hahaha

-Working out and weight lifting with Brooke

-Scanning lots and lots of old pictures (see facebook)

-Read about 5 or more books

-Did NOT clean my messy messy room ;)

Soooo there is much that has been done, as well as much to be done! I already know it's going to be a super busy summer, which is great because busyness is what keeps me going round! :D

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