Life is LoCo :/

Dang, it's been waayyyy too long since I posted...oops!!! Sorry, the college life has got me up and running from dance parties to finals to warm weather to boys. Yep, I'm very very busy. But I decided to take a break from studying for my finals today and blog. Because I can't give up on this thing yet..haha.

Life has been so stressful. So many good and bad things have been happening.

Bad: My laptop broke down on Monday. RIGHT BEFORE FINALS AND WHEN I HAD TO WRITE AN ESSAY!!!
Good: I have great roomies that let me use their laptops and my wonderful father let me use another one of our family's laptops while he's fixing mine.

Bad: I have 3 finals this weekend. :(
Good: I'm gonna be home for the summer for good in a week and a day, and after Monday, I will be living a free life.

Bad: I get distracted WAY too easily.
Good: Because of this, I baked two cakes this weekend and cleaned our whole kitchen yesterday.

Bad: I am sooooo sore.
Good: I've been working out pretty regularly with BFF who's on the track team and I've been learning to hurdle and lift. I lifted 75 lbs yesterday! :D

Bad: I watched Glee instead of studying.
Good: I got to watch Glee!

Bad: I have work every morning at 7:50 and I'm soooooo tired.
Good: $$$$$

Bad: BOYS ARE DUMB!!! >:(
Good: I am single and loving it and partying every night with my best friends and having the time of life!!! Oh yeah! :D :D

Anyways, that's my life. This is how it goes. There are good and bad things, but it just depends on if I'm looking at the glass half full or half empty. I'm just gonna try as hard as I can to live my life free, happy, full of joy, and just for me! I would post pictures, but they're on my other laptop. So look at facebook for those...and if you're not my friend, then add me! :D


  1. Kailee! We love you! Good luck on finals. It sounds like you have a great life....I should loan you the title of my blog!!!

    We miss you! :)

  2. I love it when you blog! It's so fun to read it. We can't wait to have you home!!


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